In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 82


Chapter 82: Spiritual Upgrade – [Ling Yun!]
No matter the secrets hidden within Freedom Mountains, Wei Feng needed to rush back as soon as possible.

The Sixth Uncle deliberately brought attention to Freedom Mountains.

He wasn’t sure what his intentions were, but it is almost certain that Freedom Mountains will be livelier.

Moreover, it seems like Sixth Uncle was someone who was created overnight.

Wei Feng suspected that the Federation was up to no good.

The party was soon over.

Ling Xiaoxiao helped Wei Feng to retrieve royal beast food rations worth about 10 million yuan.

They then left in Ling Xiaoxiao’s car – Wang Jiahao’s and Zhao Ming’s cars were also driving along the same road.


At an intersection, Liu Shuan stuck his head out of Zhao Ming’s car to wave goodbye to Wei Feng, but a black car suddenly rushed out and hit Zhao Ming’s car.


The irritating sound of tires screeched along the road, and another black car drove over, blocking the intersection.

Lu Yuhan stepped out of the car.

Alongside him were his four lackeys.

One of them rushed to Zhao Ming’s car and yanked Liu Shuan out the car window.

“Wait! Hey! Hold on! No! Let me summon my royal beast first!” Liu Shuan shouted.


The man threw Liu Shuan onto the floor and taunted, “Alright! Let’s see it then.”

“Just you wait!”

Liu Shuan feebly got up and started to summon his beasts.

Wei Feng couldn’t stand to watch anymore.

He got out of the car and trudged towards the man.



In an instant, the man fell to the ground.

Wei Feng continued trudging towards Lu Yuhan.


Lu Yuhan roared, and charged towards Wei Feng.


In an instant, his body flew.

His body flew out at light speed and hit the railing.

His three other lackeys were shocked, and did nothing as Wei Feng strolled towards them.

Wei Feng wordlessly stretched out his hand and pressed it on their vehicle – with a slight push, their vehicle flew out the street.


Liu Shuan was still trying to draw his summoning symbols, but kept failing. He kept trying to redraw the symbols but still failed.

Wei Feng simply patted him on the shoulder and advised softly, “Liu Shuan, stay humble. Train more and take care of yourself.”

He then entered Ling Xiaoxiao’s car and left.

Liu Shuan was stunned and looked at Zhao Ming, “Zhao Ming, did I do something wrong?”

Zhao Ming: …

Half an hour later.

Wei Feng and Lilith said goodbye to Ling Xiaoxiao – they were going to return to Freedom Mountains immediately.

Ling Xiaoxiao had hired two architects to help Wei Feng, so he intends to take them to Freedom Mountains to plan for now.

“Let me follow too!” Zhang Xiyao wanted to follow along too.

Wei Feng wanted to decline, but Lilith agreed.

Three hours later.

They arrived at Freedom Mountains.

His beasts and demons were safe and sound. After all, the Wolf King is defending their base.

Early in the morning.

Wei Feng stood on the “middle toe” of the mountain and tried to peer inside Freedom Mountains. However, a thick fog blocked his vision. He couldn’t see anything at all.

After returning last night, Wei Feng scouted Freedom Mountains.

He concluded that if someone were to come from Yancheng, they will not pass through the south, where they are. Instead, they will enter from the west.

After he was confident that he would not be disturbed, Wei Feng plans to upgrade his Restricted Area.

The two architects helped Wei Feng to draw a blueprint and made some suggestions, and returned to Yancheng shortly after.

Wei Feng asked the Wolf King to escort them back.

Next, the actual building of his Restricted Area.

Zhang Xiyao was very enthusiastic. Alongside Lilith, they instructed the Great Demons to plant fruit trees and construct some houses made of bamboo.

The machetes held by the Evil Guardians were helpful too – it could be used to chop stones and mould stone bricks.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

Ling Xiaoxiao sent a batch of royal beast rations for his beasts, and Wei Feng picked them up in person. With these rations, in addition to the Dragon Ape bringing a few demons into the mountain range to hunt for food, food won’t be scarce for a while.

For the past three days, Wei Feng has been trying to find a way to increase his power.

He found that the most effective way is to “merge” with Lilith.

His Spirit Power was busy being nurtured by [Spirit World] – it’s like an egg that’s about to hatch.

Another four days passed.

During this time, Wei Feng summoned two more demonic creatures.

Recently, Freedom Mountains has become livelier – Dragon Ape leads a band of demons to hunt for food, and Ling Xiaoxiao continues to send royal beast rations consistently. They won’t have to worry about food.

Evening fell.

Wei Feng sat on the newly constructed city wall, and frowned while overseeing Freedom Mountains.

He noticed that a layer of blood painted near the centre of Freedom Mountains. He feels that something bad was about to happen.

“Master, it’s time to rest,” Lilith whispered and she flew to the city wall. She leaned against Wei Feng and whispered, “Master, Xiyao has agreed – so tonight, can we…”

Wei Feng: …

The night passed.

Rays of light shone on the bamboo houses – grass sprouts within the soil.


[NOTICE: [Spirit World] has successfully nutured Spirit Power, and it has manifested into a physical form.]

[NOTICE: [Ling Yun] has been birthed.]

In Wei Feng’s brain domain, his Spirit Power manifested itself into a tangible form.

He looked exactly like Wei Feng – [Spirit World] then morphed itself into a suit of armor and equipped itself onto Wei Feng.

Wei Feng felt his Spirit Power increase exponentially.

The prompt sounded, and he was shocked.

Spirit Power: 1160 Ascended Power

This is a tenfold increase!

Wei Feng thought this was crazy.

But now, he could enter the palace in his mind to purchase a few items of his choosing.

For the past few days, he had been stocking up on forbidden energy, so he now had 5540 forbidden energy.

Forbidden energy can be converted into forbidden coins – he has enough to buy a ten-point star.

His Spirit form [Ling Yun] entered the palace, and the little mouse tending to the store squeaked, “Yo! I can’t believe you managed to make your Spirit Power manifest into a form this soon! Welcome! Welcome! Come in and take a look at what you need – I got everything in here!”

His spirit form was about a head taller than the mouse.

He had an idea.

If he attacked this mouse now, could he knock it out?

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