In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 83


Chapter 83: The Ten-Pointed Star
The mouse squeaked internally. He couldn’t believe Wei Feng wanted to rob him.

However, it was but a fleeting thought.

“Well, I want to buy the primary ten-point star!” he said as he scurried to the shelf that held the ten-pointed star.

“No problem, let me get it for you,” The mouse then brought a small ladder and climbed it, and retrieved the ball of light for him.

When he obtained the star, his forbidden energy in the Restricted Area decreased by 5000.

“Alright. You’re all set. You can use it when you get out of this palace,” the mouse smiled.


Wei Feng nodded and turned to leave.

The mouse shouted behind him, “You’re the first of your kind to not rob me, the next time you come here, I’ll give you a 20% discount for all items!”

Wei Feng: !

Sure enough, this mouse isn’t just any mouse.

He could actually sense his thoughts.

Good thing he didn’t rob the mouse, otherwise, he didn’t know what would happen.

He looked back to the palace.

This palace was a world of its own – even if it resides in his own brain, he couldn’t detect everything within the palace.

He shook his head.

He is still weak, so it’s better to mind his own business and not pry deeper.

Looking at the orb containing the star in his hand, he crushed it.

With a bang, the orb exploded into rays of brilliant light – countless fluorescent symbols burst out, and rushed to his spirit form’s body.

There were more than 10000 summoning symbols.

Each arrangement and combination of the symbols were clearly reflected in his body.

Back in reality.

Wei Feng opened his eyes, and Lilith was wrapped around him like an octopus.

Zhang Xiyao got too shy last night, so only Wei Feng and Lilith remained in the room.

He reached out to pat Lilith’s delicate body, and motioned for her to get up.

“Master! It seems like you have obtained the ten-point star!”

He widened his eyes.


Wei Feng nodded and impatiently said, “I’m going to give it a try now!”

“Yes! Try it! I heard that the beasts within that plane are extraordinarily powerful,” Lilith was extremely excited too.

Ten minutes later.

Wei Feng stood in front of his bamboo house, surrounded by a dense layer of iridescent summoning symbols.

Everyone stood around him with anticipation.

Especially Zhang Xiyao – her eyes glimmered with hope.

Wei Feng had to spend 20 minutes to combine and arrange the summoning symbols, and finally, he formed the ten-point star array.

All of a sudden…


Dark clouds covered the once sunny sky, and a thunder bolt crashed in the centre of Freedom Mountains.

A blood-red ray rose into the sky, like it was a beacon.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but to stare, and everyone else followed suit.

Something unexpected happened within Freedom Mountains.


A deafening roar sounded – lightning scattered and arced across the mountain.


Back in Wei Feng’s Restricted Area, the ten-point star array trembled.

Wei Feng peered within in, and he could see that many creatures crowded within the formation, desperate to come into this world.


A foot bustling with cyan hair with the size of a hill squashed the beasts crowding among the ten-point star, and the creatures burst into gore.

For a moment, it was quiet – blood silently flowed into the Restricted Area.

Wei Feng took a step back – he felt something was staring at him from the formation, and he was scared.


A dull sound emitted from the array, and a big hand came through the formation.

Wei Feng’s heart almost jumped out of his throat.

What’s going on?

It seems like there is a behemoth within that realm preventing those creatures from entering this world, and it seems powerful enough to dispel his ten-pointed star!

Wei Feng was tense, but was ready to attack.

However, the big hand stopped, and summoned a white egg. It then threw the egg over into the world.


The behemoth roared, shrouding the egg in a dazzling white light.

Like a comet, the egg flung through the ten-point star formation.


The ten-point star array started to dissipate, and Wei Feng could see that the behemoth fell to the ground, and all kinds of creatures started to rush towards the formation, desperate to get out.

Wei Feng was speechless.

It was clear that the behemoth wanted to ensure that its descendants could live over here.

Even at its own expense.

The star dissipated and turned into a symbol and penetrated into egg, branding itself upon the baby’s forehead.


[NOTICE: You have obtained an Ascended Royal Beast Egg [Beast of Light]!]

[NOTICE: You have obtained been blessed by the Holy Light of a beast, and all attributes are doubled.]

A Beast of Light!

And a blessing of a god…

Wei Feng was really dumbfounded.

This Beast of Light is an Ascended, even before being born, and it seems like the behemoth is a God!

A god… could there be a level beyond an Ascended?

Wei Feng looked at the white egg, and he came to a conclusion.

When he formed the star, all of the creatures in that plane were struggling – even the God-tier behemoth overpowered everyone just to send its descendant over, which was enough to prove how powerful every creature was.

If the creatures were desperately trying to escape and even sacrifice their life to ensure their descendants escape that plane, this means that…

…if he starts to summon now, it is almost guaranteed that all of the beasts summoned will be outrageously strong!

He immediately began to draw the summoning symbols again.


Within Freedom Mountains, the rumbling sounds continued.

It was as if the earth was split in half.

The blood-red beacon was already dispelled, but Wei Feng was not worried.

He had to take advantage of the accident happening over at the centre of Freedom Mountains to cover his tracks.


He combined and arranged the symbols, and once again, all the creatures were scrambling at the formation.

Every creature was desperate to rush towards the ten-point star.

A cunning grey wolf squeezed out of the crowd, and leapt towards the portal.

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

It seems like one of the creatures managed to escape.

At this time, Wei Feng noticed a flame within the sky of that plane coming in at a high speed, and even from across the plane, he could feel the intense heat radiating from it.

It feels strong!

Wei Feng was excited, but then glanced at the grey wolf – he raised his foot subconsciously.


Wei Feng kicked the grey wolf back into the formation.

Zhang Xiyao: !

Lilith: …

Other beasts: !!

He’s crazy!

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