In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 84


Chapter 84: Scarlet Flood Dragon Egg
Wei Feng raised his foot and kicked the grey wolf back into the portal.

Dragon Ape and Ying were stunned watching the scene before them.

Did he do that when summoning them?

Wei Feng guarded the portal.

The creatures on the other side were getting desperate, so he had to choose carefully.

Kick the weak ones away!


With a sheer cry, the flame ball finally approached the portal.

The creatures by the portal quickly fled, and some of the slower creatures melted into ash instantly.

Wei Feng was shocked.

The flame was too hot!

When the flames dissipated, a bird emerged.

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

It’s a phoenix!

Brightly coloured feathers… a majestic crown resting on its head – it’s most definitely a phoenix.

He couldn’t believe mythical creatures like it existed.

Wei Feng was excited – could the phoenix intend to send an egg over to this realm too?

At present, Wei Feng understood something – this ten-point star only has sufficient energy to allow a beast’s descendants to pass.

Hence, Wei Feng was looking forward to it.

After a brief silence, the phoenix spread its wings and flew away.

“Wait! Don’t go!”

Wei Feng was dumbfounded and shouted into the portal, wishing he could simply enter and gouge the eggs out of it.

However, the phoenix flew away without looking back.


Wei Feng sighed.

A phoenix!

Out of his grasp!

“What the hell!”

He punched the ground, but realised something.

If the phoenix had left, wouldn’t that mean that the creatures would scramble back to enter the portal?

He could see that the creatures trembled near the portal with their heads lowered, as if they were frightened.


Suddenly, a huge snake protruded from the portal.

A pair of golden slits stared at Wei Feng, as if it was petrifying him.

Wei Feng widened his eyes, but stood guard at the portal without flinching.

He suddenly understood why the phoenix left.

This giant python was most definitely stronger than the phoenix!


The giant python spat out a pool of blood on the ground.

The pool of blood then formed a dark red egg.

The egg was about the size of a washbasin, and the giant python used its tongue to push the egg into the portal.

Wei Feng could see within the golden slits that the snake had a trace of reluctance.


The egg rolled towards Wei Feng, and the giant python let out a low hiss, as if it was threatening Wei Feng.

Wei Feng was ready – he reached out and grabbed the egg gently.


The portal dissipated, and turned into a symbol and once again penetrated into the egg.

The egg briefly turned translucent, and Wei Feng saw a small snake coiled within – however, there were two protrusions on its head, like a dragon!


[NOTICE: You have obtained the Ascended Royal Beast Egg [Scarlet Flood Dragon]!]

It was a dragon!

Wei Feng blinked at the egg.

This was unexpected!

The giant python lacked any horns, so how could it produce a dragon egg?

A dragon!

This is crazy.

Wei Feng felt that he didn’t have the brain capacity to understand that plane.

It’s amazing how there are still dragons in this world.

“Master, why did it give you another egg?” Lilith asked.

“Master, can we go over and take a look?” Lilith asked again.

“Hold on!”

Wei Feng held the dragon egg gingerly and looked up towards the centre of Freedom Mountains – rumbling sounds continued and he could feel energy being passed over.

In the sky, dozens of Cruise Flagships were parked in the air, and he could see many figures jumping from above and entering the centre of Freedom Mountains.

The creature from within the mountains who had let out a loud roar was suddenly quiet.

Wei Feng retracted his gaze, “We can investigate later. For now, I’ll continue summoning!”

Lilith and the Dragon Ape were surprised watching him draw the summoning symbols again.

Ten minutes later, another ten-point star array lit up.


After becoming an Ascended, the number of beasts that can be summon is not related to your level, but Spirit Power!

At present, Wei Feng’s spirit power has reached a height of 1160 Ascended Power, which makes it easy for him to summon once or twice.

When the portal formed again, it was once again densely packed with creatures desperate to enter.

The location where the portal manifests itself isn’t fixed – every time a portal is opened, the distance between the opening may even vary by tens of thousands of miles.

Wei Feng continued to guard in front of the portal, preventing the weaker creatures from entering his world.

After all, he is the first person to have access to the ten-pointed star array after many years – it would be unreasonable to not guard the portal.

A group of Level 10 and Ascended beasts crowded at the portal, and Wei Feng was kicking them back in one-by-one.

The creatures were dumbfounded.

An Ascended Storm Lizard simply left when he realised there was a shoe print on his face.

What’s going on?

After a Beastmaster opened the portal, he is stopping them from passing through the portal?

And he dares to kick them away?

This enraged the beasts.



A group of creatures roared in anger, and some of them even started to attack.


Wei Feng frowned.

As a result, Wei Feng lifted his right hand and conjured a burst of magic – dark energy balls bombarded the entrance of the portal, and a hundred beasts were thrown away from the portal.


A series of explosions sounded, and Wei Feng could see a wolf blasted into the sky, tail curled up and tongue sticking out.

The creatures were really dumbfounded.

They couldn’t believe that the Beastmaster bombarded them with magic!

For no reason!


Suddenly, red lightning crashed onto the ground, instantly smiting all the creatures by the portal.

The wolf who had just limply landed on the ground was launched into the air again, disappearing out of sight.


A creature with a sturdy body, thick limbs, scarlet hair, four pairs of fleshy wings on its back, and nine tails appeared by the portal.


This alien looked majestic – red electricity arced all over its body – it had eyes that are green and had three pupils. Looking at the beast, Wei Feng understood how strange that plane was.


A young beast jumped out from the grasp of this alien beast. Reluctantly, its big green eyes blinked, as if it didn’t want to say goodbye to its mother.

The alien beast stretched out its tongue and caressed its cub, then stretched out a large paw and pushed the cub into the portal.

Wei Feng was moved to tears.

How touching!

Wei Feng felt that something must have happened on that other plane. Otherwise, this alien beast wouldn’t have sent its own child into an unknown plane, and being taken care of by an unknown human being no less.

But it wasn’t in his power to help. He simply waited by the portal, waiting for the cub to enter the portal, so he could hug it.


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