In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 86


Chapter 86: Ancient Race – [Snow Wolf]

The male snow wolf who was kicked back into the portal howled with anger, but in an instant, he was hauled back by the pack by two tall blood wolves.

At this moment, another snow wolf leapt forward – its graceful figure and charming, big eyes indicated that it was a female wolf.

The Wolf King widened his eyes – with a happy face, he was about to greet her with an embrace.


The Dragon Ape pressed his foot on the portal, and the female snow wolf slammed into it snout first.

“You’re too weak! No entry!”

Dragon Ape shouted.

The Wolf King was angered.

It rushed towards the Dragon Ape and roared, “You’re so dead! How dare you kick my Snow Wolf!”



The wolves howled one after another.

Dragon Ape lowered its foot, and Wei Feng could see that the snow wolves made way for a tiny snow wolf cub. It walked towards the ten-pointed star with graceful steps.

All the wolves lowered their heads.

The Wolf King excitedly laid in front of the portal, and he looked exactly like a dog.


The little snow wolf walked towards the portal and turned its head. It then let out a low voice towards the distance.

The snow-capped mountains in the distance moved.

Wei Feng: !

Wait a minute.

Those aren’t mountains.

Those are wolves!


The little snow wolf howled again, shaking the heavens and the earth. With a single howl, all the other creatures lowered their heads.

Wei Feng was shocked beyond words.

He was certain that there was a big problem in the other realm.

Powerful beings of another world, God-tier beasts; all of them were desperate enough to send their own offspring into this world.

However, this was also an opportunity.

He had one last summon, and he wanted to make good use of it.

He needed to find Ling Xiaoxiao to help.

Besides, he hasn’t paid her for those rations.


The little wolf stepped out of the portal, and the portal immediately shrank – as usual, it shrunk into a symbol and embedded itself onto its forehead.

The Wolf King was extraordinarily disciplined.


[NOTICE: You have obtained the Ascended Royal Beast [Snow Wolf].]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Hunt], derived from [Snow Wolf].]

He picked up the snow wolf, and realised that its fur was beautiful and majestic.

Every single strand of fur was like snow; white and flawless, shining with luster.

The Snow Wolf’s breed was obviously different from the Wolf King. Its snout was a little longer, and its tail thick and fluffy.

It seems that its proportions were also a little bigger than the Wolf King – it looked agile and fast.

Wei Feng peered into its attribute panel.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Snow Wolf [Ancient Race]

Level: Level 1 Ascended Beast

Attribute: Wind

Strength: 80 Ascended Power

Agility: 100 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 80 Ascended Power

Bloodline: The Snow Wolf inherits the bloodline of the oldest species in this world, and is able to continuously strengthen itself.

Hunting Wind: Doubles agility when riding the wind.

Core Abilities: [Hunt] – The Snow Wolf can detect the weaknesses and primal fears of beasts to deliver fatal blows.

[Wind Blade] – Manipulate the wind to form a sharp blade. (Damage is twice that of the agility attribute)

[Storm] has not been activated.

[Wind Gun] has not been activated.

[Extreme Wind – Silence] has not been activated.

[Extreme Wind – Soothing Clouds] has not been activated.

Hidden Ability: [Inheritance of the Wind] – Snow wolves are the only creatures blessed by the wind. Snow wolves can manipulate the wind, and they can also bless other creatures to gain the ability to manipulate wind. [3 charges]

No wonder the Wolf King was obedient – turns out, the Snow Wolf can completely defeat the Wolf King!


Wei Feng wanted to laugh.

This little wolf was definitely female.

Pity. The Wolf King will never be able to catch up to the Snow Wolf.

However, what surprised Wei Feng was that the Snow Wolf was of the Wind attribute.

Moreover, according to the panel, it was the only race that is recognised and blessed by the wind!

That’s crazy!

In addition, Wei Feng noticed that the Snow Wolf can pass on its ability to manipulate wind.

However, Wei Feng wasn’t in a hurry to use it.

Because there are only 3 charges of the hidden ability, indicating that the Snow Wolf can only pass the ability to 3 people, so he has to be careful.

He had one summon left, but he didn’t plan to do it here.

He was formulating a plan.

Meanwhile, at the centre of Freedom Mountains.

The loud rumbling continued within the centre, and the Cruise Flagships within the area had already retreated.

However, the Freedom Mountains were obviously livelier.

Wei Feng didn’t have any intention to investigate, though.

No matter what rare treasures are contained within, it can’t compare to what he has now.

He let Lilith and Zhang Xiyao look after the Red Maple Restricted Area, and went to Yancheng alone.

An hour later, Wei Feng was at Angel Mall.

He ran over – it was much faster than taking a car.

He then took the elevator to the top floor.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, he saw Ling Xiaoxiao pacing back and forth in her office.

Before coming, he had already informed her of his plans.

“Just you?”

Ling Xiaoxiao was surprised he came alone.

“Well, I was worried. There’s something wrong over at Freedom Mountains, so I have to rush back in a bit,” Wei Feng nodded.

“Is everything ready?” Wei Feng asked.

“Well, it’s ready,” Ling Xiaoxiao walked back into her office, and pushed a button. Blue light flooded the room.

The device is a holographic capture device, capable of directional capture and holographic recording.

“Let’s start now,” Wei Feng stood in the centre of her office and began to draw the summoning symbols.

Wei Feng’s plan was simple – use the capture device to record the scene where he summons an Ascended Beast, and to record the scene where Ascended Beasts desperately try to reach into our world.

When Wei Feng told Ling Xiaoxiao about his plan, she was shocked and speechless.

She couldn’t believe that Wei Feng had obtained a ten-point star array.

He was willing to enter a partnership with her too!

After his call, Ling Xiaoxiao simply told him to leave the rest to her.

He believed her.

He had a quest, which was to promote the ten-point star array.

His ten-point star array cost him 5000 Forbidden Energy, and he didn’t want it to go to waste. He wanted to earn a fortune somehow.

Moreover, the implications would be great.

In the future, Ascended Beasts summoned by your enemies will be through the ten-point star array that he himself brought back into existence. He would be powerful.

He thought about it for a bit, but to him, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages, so he continued.

After all, he wanted to complete his quest.


As the portal lit up, the creatures in the other plane started to be restless again.

Wei Feng continued to guard the portal, kicking undesirable beasts back into the portal.

This scene was clearly recorded by the capture device.

Half an hour later.

Wei Feng left Angel Mall.

Another ten minutes later, a set of pictures were transmitted via special methods.

Next release will be on the 1st of next month, reason will be mentioned why in that chapter


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