In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 87


Chapter 87: Divine Beast – [Scarlet Flood Dragon]
In the Federal Supreme Command Hall, a group of elites sat quietly on both sides of the conference table, with their eyes staring at the projection before them. Each one of them were frozen in shock.

The set of pictures sent to them caused the entire room to be silent.

The information relayed in the photo was too great.

A ten-point star!

The star formation that was lost forever suddenly appeared back into reality.

Everyone knows the implications of this.

This will change the course of the world.

The set of pictures were paused on the scene where Wei Feng kicks the Ascended Beasts back into the portal.

They thought it was unacceptable.

He was the only person capable of summoning Ascended Beasts, but kicked them back inside!

Moreover, it looked like there were too many Ascended Beasts!

They knew the implications of that.

With the surplus of Ascended Beasts within that realm, the sooner you get a ten-point star array, the stronger the Ascended Beasts summoned.

“Was this picture sent from Yancheng?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’ll go investigate myself.”

At the same time, the patriarchs of elite families in Jiangcheng and Haicheng also received these sets of pictures.

All of them rushed to Yancheng.

Everyone wants to be the second to get the ten-point star, and then summon an Ascended Beast with great potential.

The last image depicted a behemoth personally escorting its child into the portal.

Freedom Mountains.

The loud rumbling continued after six hours.

In the big pit, the scarlet crack expanded to three metres wide and ten metres long, but nothing could be seen inside.

The creature that helped the crack to expand had fallen to the bottom of the pit.

Red Maple Restricted Area.

After Wei Feng came back, he resummoned his small beast.

The little beast was named Ling Wu, and it can adapt to both the sky and land.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Ling Wu (Ancient Alien Beast)

Level: Level 1 Ascended Beast

Attribute: Wood

Mana: 17000/17000

Strength: 53 Ascended Power

Agility: 80 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 85 Ascended Power

Ling Wu’s Heart: Ling Wu has a heart of gold, and will not be sought out to be attacked by any creature.

Core Abilities: [Purify] – Cleanses all negative effects.

Wood Magic: [Entangle], [Life Increment], …

[Wooded Forest] has not been activated.

[Praise of Life] has not been activated.

[Wood – Ten Thousand Trees and Flowers] has not been activated.

It seems that Ling Wu is a beast focused on magic – not strong in melee combat, but is capable of supporting other beasts.

Especially [Purify]. Wei Feng got this ability too, so he would effectively be immune to all negative effects, which was strong in itself.

Ling Wu had fluffy feathers and a round body. It had a small mouth and big, cute eyes.

Wei Feng already knew what would happen when he summoned it.

Sure enough, Lilith and Zhang Xiyao were smitten.

Just like that, Ling Wu was carried away by the two women.

They also made the Snow Wolf tag along.

Wei Feng felt a little helpless.

It is unwise to look down upon the three young beasts. They can single handedly defend Red Maple!

Apart from Wei Feng, these three were the most powerful in the area.

Although it feels comedic, it’s true.

In addition, he had two unhatched eggs.

The Flood Dragon Egg and Bright Beast Egg.

Wei Feng had the feeling that these two little guys in the eggs were stronger than the three beasts.

He was looking at it based off species, and not level.

Especially the Bright Beast egg, since it was blessed by a God-tier beast.

It’s crazy!


Suddenly, the two eggs that were incubating in front of the bamboo house made a crisp sound.

A crack spread rapidly across the eggs.

“They’re going to hatch!”

Lilith ran over with Ling Wu in her arms, and Wei Feng followed suit.

The two eggs were covered in cracks.


Suddenly, the bright beast egg hatched, and brilliant white light emerged from the egg shell.


The other egg let out a roar and burst into red light.


Wei Feng exclaimed. He knew that these two little beasts were not ordinary – they were already incredibly competitive, and they seemed grumpy.


The Flood Dragon egg was the first to shatter, and a small head with dragon horns poked out of the egg.


The little dragon swam out of the egg shell – it swam in the air as if it was water. It rolled a circle in the air, and landed on Wei Feng’s shoulder.


The little dragon landed on his shoulder, and cupped Wei Feng’s neck affectionately.

Wei Feng was relieved that the beast was friendly.


[NOTICE: [Scarlet Flood Dragon] has hatched successfully.]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Float], derived from [Scarlet Flood Dragon].]

Wei Feng noticed that he was floating off the ground.

This ability allowed him to ignore the gravity of Earth!

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

This was crazy!


And the ability deactivated at his command.

He floated in the air for a bit, then landed on the ground.

He knows how to fly, but isn’t proficient – with more practice, perhaps he can glide through the air gracefully like the Scarlet Flood Dragon.

“Master, you… you can fly!” exclaimed Lilith.

A few beasts were dumbfounded as well.

Wei Feng didn’t need any tools to help him fly.

It’s important to note that even high-levelled Ascended Beastmasters are unable to fly at will.

Now, Wei Feng is able to do so.

This quality-of-life ability has brought Wei Feng great use in the future.

He looked at the little dragon happily – it surely didn’t disappoint.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Scarlet Flood Dragon (Divine Beast)

Level: Level 3 Ascended Beast

Attributes: Water, Air

Strength: 560 Ascended Power

Agility: 560 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 560 Ascended Power

Bloodline: The Divine Beast bloodline doubles all attributes, and an additional 50% growth in attributes will be granted for each level up.

Divine Beast Domain has not been activated.

Core Abilities: [Float] – The Dragon can swim in the sky like the ocean.

[Rainfall] – Manipulate rain. (Current range: 100,000 yards.)

[Lightning] – Manipulate lightning. (Current range: 50,000 yards.)

[Wind] – Manipulate wind. (Current range: 100,000 yards.)

[Tsunami] has not been activated.

[Heavenly Tribulation] has not been activated.

[Earthquake] has not been activated.

[Storm] has not been activated.

Hidden Ability: [Colorful Clouds] has not been activated.


Wei Feng never would’ve thought that this beast was a Divine Beast!

Now, he was sure that the python that spat out this egg was not its parent, but a guardian.

A guardian…

This concept was crazy to him.

This was like day and night!

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