In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 88


Chapter 88: The Scarlet Wind Blows, and Everyone Levels Up!
Ten minutes later.


The Bright Beast egg started to hatch.

A small head popped out of the egg shell.

It was somewhat similar to a dragon, with two protrusions on its head and white scales on its forehead.


The little beast was fierce, and glared at the Scarlet Flood Dragon.

It leapt forward, breaking free from its eggshell. Its four hooves glowed with white light and galloped through the air, and perched itself on Wei Feng’s shoulder.



The two beasts yelled at each other across Wei Feng’s head.


[NOTICE: [Beast of Light] has hatched successfully.]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the ability [Holy Transformation], derived from [Beast of Light].]

Wei Feng couldn’t really decipher the Beast of Light’s appearance – it had a dragon’s head, antlers, a horse body, and a fish tail!

It’s like a unicorn.

Wei Feng peered into its attribute panel.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Beast of Light (Divine Beast)

Level: Level 3 Ascended Beast

Attributes: Light, Life

Strength: 550 Ascended Power

Agility: 550 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 550 Ascended Power

Bloodline: The Divine Beast bloodline doubles all attributes, and an additional 50% growth in attributes will be granted for each level up.

Divine Beast Domain has not been activated.

Core Abilities: [Holy Transformation] – Breathe out a powerful breath of holy light, granting those affected the ability to transform into anything.

[Holy Light] – Unleash a blast of holy light.

[Vitality] – The Beast of Light has increased vitality, and its recovery is increased tenfold.

[Judgment of Holy Light] has not been activated.

[Judgment of Life] has not been activated.

[Wings of Light] has not been activated.

[Breath of Life] has not been activated.

[End Times – Light of Life] has not been activated.

Hidden Ability: [Sixteen-Winged Archangel] has not been activated.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon rested on Wei Feng’s left shoulder, and the Beast of Light on his right shoulder.

It looked like Wei Feng had a blue dragon on his left, and a white tiger on the right.

Wei Feng peered into his own attribute panel.

With Power of Control, his attributes have reached an astonishing level.

[Properties Panel]

The Strongest Beastmaster System! (Final)

Host: Wei Feng

Age: 17

Rank: Level 1 Ascended Beastmaster

Mana: 18000/18000

Strength: 760 Ascended Power

Agility: 763 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 1891 Ascended Power

Energy of the Flesh: 100%

Power of Control – Ascended: You gain 50% of the Ascended Power of your beasts.

Cultivation: [Secret of Thunder and Moonlight] – Increase all attributes by 1 Ascended Power every three days.

Shared Items: [Dark Codex]

Forbidden Items: SSS-Tier [Silence of the Night] has been activated

A-Tier [Ruined Symbols] has been activated.

B-Tier [Wind Watch] has been activated.

D-Tier [Abyss Peek]: 3/3 charges.

A-Tier Evolvable [Spirit World] has been activated.

B-Tier Evolvable [Hammer of Tempering] has been activated.

Core Abilities: [Hardened Skin] – Derived from Ice Giant, resist any attacks no more than 3500 points of strength.

[Source of Strength] has been deactivated.

[Source of Agility] has been deactivated.

[Summon: Wolf King] – Derived from the Wolf King, you can summon Level 9 Silver Moon Sacrifice x20, Level 8 Ghost Wolf Guard x100, Level 7 Blood Wolf Warrior x1000.

[Transformation] – You can transform into any target in which you can detect their attributes.

[Source of Electricity] – Derived from Thunder Bird, absorb surrounding electricity to strengthen the Hammer of Tempering.

[Demon’s Call] – Derived from Dark Dragon’s Shadow, summon demonic creatures from the abyss. (Can be summoned once every twenty-four hours, and the minimum number of summons is 10)

[Hunt] – Derived from the Snow Wolf, you can sense the weaknesses and primal fears of a creature to deliver fatal blows.

[Float] – Derived from the Scarlet Flood Dragon, swim in the sky like the ocean.

[Purify] – Cleanse all negative effects.

[Holy Transformation] – Breathe out a powerful breath of holy light, and those affected can transform into anything.

[Dragon’s Power] has been deactivated.

[Power of the Dragon and Ape] has been deactivated.

Royal Beasts: Level 3 Spirit Hog

Level 9 Ice Giant

Level 10 Thunder Bird

Level 10 Dragon Ape

Level 10 Dark Dragon’s Shadow

Level 1 Ascended Silver Moon Wolf King

Level 1 Ascended Xing Xie

Level 1 Ascended Snow Wolf

Level 1 Ascended Ling Wu

Level 3 Ascended Beast of Light

Level 3 Ascended Scarlet Flood Dragon

The true power of Power of Control is that the more beasts you have, and the stronger beasts you have, the stronger Wei Feng gets!

After the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Beast of Light was hatched, Wei Feng felt that he could summon two more times thanks to them.

The real power of Power of Control…

It is infinite.

Summon a beast, get the beast’s attribute bonus, and you can summon again!

Wei Feng feels that the Power of Control is too powerful.

No, it is the best.


So, Wei Feng drew the summoning symbol again to summon.

Summon the best!


Suddenly, a huge explosion could be heard from the centre of Freedom Mountains.

A scarlet light shot straight into the sky, and disappeared.

Wei Feng: !

What’s going on? It’s like an explosion.

While maintaining the ten-point star array, Wei Feng casted magic power.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon, Beast of Light, Xing Xie, and other beasts used their abilities to erect a thick energy defence on the city wall.


A tremor erupted, and in the centre of Freedom Mountains, red light burst.


Wherever the red light passed, trees grew rapidly, branches grew lush. The mountains grew larger with every single rumble.

In the lake at the belly of Freedom Mountains, the lake water boils.

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

This energy was terrifying.


Red light swept past them as well.

A series of prompts sounded in Wei Feng’s brain.


[NOTICE: You have been blessed by [Scarlet Wind]. All attributes are doubled, and you have levelled up to a Level 2 Ascended Beastmaster.]

[NOTICE: All forbidden items have been upgraded by a tier.]

[NOTICE: [Silence of the Night] has upgraded to an Ascended Forbidden Item, and unlocks exclusive abilities.]

[NOTICE: [Scarlet Flood Dragon] has reached Level 4 Ascended.]

[NOTICE: [Beast of Light] has reached Level 4 Ascended.]

[NOTICE: …] …

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