In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 89


Chapter 89: Divine Beast – [Blood Tiger]
The prompt kept ringing in his brain. Wei Feng didn’t expect this.

All forbidden items increased by a tier.

And Ying, Dragon Ape, and Thunder Bird became Ascended Beasts.

What is [Scarlet Wind]?

It’s too powerful!

This wind swept across the entirety of Red Maple, then dissipated.

Wherever it blew, vegetation grew, and beasts grew too.

Wei Feng pondered.

Was [Scarlet Wind] going to sweep across the world?

And raise everyone’s level by one?

How big of an impact would this be?


Meanwhile, as he maintained the portal, a young fox with red fur stepped out of the portal.

It was a pity that the fox was one step too late, and failed to catch [Scarlet Wind].


[NOTICE: You have obtained the Ascended Royal Beast [Red Fox].]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Flaming Spirit], derived from [Red Fox].]

The attributes of the Red Fox were similar to the Snow Wolf, and most of its core abilities were supportive.

After summoning the Red Fox, he didn’t rush to summon again. Instead, he flew up into the air and peered into the centre of Freedom Mountains.

Surprisingly, Freedom Mountains was exceptionally quiet.

Wei Feng descended and shook his head.

It was obvious that whatever was happening at Freedom Mountains wasn’t over yet.

A big incident was happening at the centre of Freedom Mountains.

No matter what, Wei Feng was ready to continue summoning.

No matter what, your own strength is the most important.

Moreover, the ten-pointed star was about to be promoted to the public, and he wanted to summon as much as possible before it became commercial.

“Ah! I have Ascended too!” Zhang Xiyao shouted happily.

In the past two days, she has been envious of Wei Feng’s constant summonings.

Now that a Scarlet Wind swept through, she became Ascended.

Zhang Xiyao learnt the ten-point star formation, and it only took her two hours to learn it.

Half an hour later, she was sweating profusely and looked helpless.

It really is different doing it on your own.

She was struggling!

It’s all about Spirit Power!

Fortunately, she managed to open a portal.

She is now officially the second Beastmaster to summon Ascended Beasts.

It seems that another behemoth intends to send its own children over, too.

The portal shrank and turned itself into a symbol and branded itself onto the beast’s forehead, and just like that, she obtained an Ascended Beast of her own.

It looked a bit like a lion, with golden fur covering its body.

Seeing Zhang Xiyao this happy, he wanted to remind her of something.

Zhang Xiyao is a tabooist, and the main source of energy for tabooists are royal beasts.

That means that the royal beasts’ energy will be consumed.

Seeing Wei Feng looking at her, Zhang Xiyao understood his thoughts.

She simply smiled and shook her head, and combed through her beast’s fur.

He was relieved.

Since [Scarlet Wind] swept through, Wei Feng was a Level 2 Ascended Beastmaster and doubled his attributes. Now, his Spirit Power was 4000 Ascended Power.

This means that he can continue summoning.

He wanted to summon one more time, then continue tomorrow.

He was afraid that if he continued summoning, the beasts would feel less motivated to send their offspring over.


The ten-pointed star array lit up again.

Zhang Xiyao wiped the sweat from her forehead and shook her head, “He’s crazy!”


Lilith sat beside her holding the Snow Wolf in her arms, “This way, master will be more powerful!”

“What’s the use of gaining more power when you’re the best!” she said sincerely.


A roar could be heard from the portal.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon swam in the sky, and announced in broken human language, “Blood! Tiger! God! Me! Like me!”

Wei Feng’s eyes lit up.

Another Divine Beast?

As the bloody figure approached, a blood tiger appeared in front of the portal.

Its eyes were golden, sending shivers to everyone’s spine.

It was like its fur was soaked in blood.


Another roar sounded, and the portal turned scarlet.

The pungent blood energy could be felt from this side as well.

Within the portal, a little cub strode forward.


It stepped out of the portal, and as usual, the portal shrunk, turned into a symbol, and embedded itself onto its forehead.


[NOTICE: You have obtained the Ascended Beast [Blood Tiger].]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Smash], derived from [Blood Tiger].]

After the summoning mark was embedded, it became livelier, and wagged its tail at Wei Feng.

Wei Feng was satisfied.

There were Four Gods that composes the Divine Beast bloodline, and he has obtained three of four of their descendants.

He will rest now, and continue tomorrow.

Even if the ten-point star was promoted commercially, Wei Feng couldn’t let them summon powerful royal beasts.

It’s clear he wants all the powerful beasts to himself.

He peered into the blood tiger’s panel.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Blood Tiger (Divine Beast)

Level: Level 3 Ascended Beast

Attributes: Gold, Blood

Strength: 620 Ascended Power

Agility: 620 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 620 Ascended Power

Bloodline: The Divine Beast bloodline doubles all attributes, and an additional 50% growth in attributes will be granted for each level up.

Divine Beast Domain has not been activated.

Core Abilities: [Smash] – Each attack explodes with double power.

[Heavy Metal] – The blood tiger condenses metallic energy, coating its body.

[Blood Awakening] – Burst with energy, making itself bloodthirsty. In this state, all attributes increased by 50%.

[Metal Storm] has not been activated.

[Gas Blood Limit] has not been activated.

[Full Heavy Metal] has not been activated.

[Blood Blast] has not been activated.

[Blood Immunity] has not been activated.

Hidden Ability: [Nirvana] has not been activated.

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