In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 90


Chapter 90: Training
The attributes of the Blood Tiger trumps over the other two Divine Beasts.

It’s very powerful!

Moreover, judging by its core abilities, it is an offensive-focused beast.

Evening came.

A bonfire was raised in front of the bamboo house.

The group of baby beasts played around the bonfire. It was lively.

The Snow Wolf and Blood Tiger got together, trying to train their human language.

“Awoo! Bark!”

The Wolf King shrunk himself into the size of a puppy – his body shone in the moonlight, shining brightly.

He leaned in front of the Snow Wolf and howled, then walked away in a dignified manner.

This made Snow Wolf and Blood Tiger dumbfounded.

Blood Tiger: “Is he a wolf? He’s the same kind as you, so he shouldn’t be a dog!”

Snow Wolf was a little dumbfounded, “I’m not sure. We are part of the proud Wolf Clan, so how could we bark?”

Blood Tiger remembered something, “Didn’t sister Lilith tell us that there is a type of human called “Dog Licking,” maybe that’s what he is!”


The Wolf King almost spat out blood.

How outrageous to treat him like a licking dog!


The only legs I’ll lick is master’s! He thought to himself.


A dark cloud shrouded the Wolf King’s head, and light fell upon him.

Ling Wu opened her mouth and sang the song she just learnt, “Love is too deep, and it hurts too deep…”

Wei Feng was amused. These little beasts were too entertaining.

Shaking his head, Wei Feng stepped aside to familiarize himself with his new core abilities.

Practicing [Float], Wei Feng took a look inside Freedom Mountains.

Since the afternoon, the centre of Freedom Mountains has been exceptionally quiet.

Because of [Scarlet Wind], the trees became tall and lush. It’s hard to see inside.

Later at night, the group of little beasts fell asleep.

Although they are incredibly powerful, they are still babies. Hence, they will get tired easily.

“Master, they are too cute!” Lilith said softly while leaning on Wei Feng’s shoulder. The little beasts slept soundly by the warm bonfire.

Zhang Xiyao had returned to Yancheng earlier today.

Her family elders urged her again and again to return, so she had no choice.

Before she left, she swore to Wei Feng that she wouldn’t leak the ten-point star array.

Wei Feng told her there was no need, but she insisted.

By now, the top commanders of the Federation, and elite families should have obtained the ten-point star arrays by Ling Xiaoxiao. They should have completed the transaction by now.

He held Lilith’s slender waist, “In a few days, we will take them to scout the major Restricted Areas. How about conquering Freedom Mountains first?”

“Occupying the Freedom Mountain? Would it really be okay?” Lilith raised her head and asked worriedly.


Wei Feng stared at the centre area of Freedom Mountains and said enthusiastically, “No matter what is there, we will conquer it.”

Wei Feng did not exaggerate.

After [Scarlet Wind] blew, Thunder Bird, Dragon Ape, and Ying were Ascended. In addition to the bonuses in attributes, some of their abilities were activated.

In particular, [Source of Strength] and [Source of Agility] has been activated once again.

Wei Feng’s attributes were at an all-time high.

Today, Wei Feng’s three basic attributes were: Strength, 1290 Ascended Power; Agility, 1310 Ascended Power; Spirit Power, 4575 Ascended Power.

After being Ascended, the growth of attributes changes.

Every time a human increase by a level, their attributes grow by about a hundred at most.

Not just humans, but ordinary beasts as well.

Alien beasts with good bloodlines may have a higher attribute growth, but never to the point where the attribute value doubles.

Wei Feng learnt that even Divine Beasts cannot do this.

Especially after their level gets higher, the increase in attributes obtained after entering the new level will be smaller.

However, Divine Beasts benefit since they can crush other creatures, and later on, they can outlast other beasts.

When the sky lit up, Wei Feng opened his eyes from his meditation.


[NOTICE: Energy of Flesh and Blood has been consumed. All attributes increased by 200 Ascended Power.]

Wei Feng once again gets extra attributes.

He was satisfied.

With [Swallow] integrating with [Energy of Flesh and Blood], the effect was greater.


The young beasts woke up one after another – they were all still sleepy and looked very cute.

At the northern city wall, Ying was training a group of demons.

After [Scarlet Wind], they too have levelled up by a level.


From the direction of Yancheng, a helicopter flew above.

It was trying to drop a large wooden box.

The helicopter flew above Red Maple, and the big wooden box was dropped.

It was caught swiftly by the Dragon Ape.

It was a standard 50×50 box, about tens of thousands of kilograms. It was like a feather to the Dragon Ape.


The Dragon Ape held the wooden box, and gently placed it on the ground.

The wooden box was soon disassembled, and inside were various classified and packaged materials.

There are royal beast rations, medicine, and a lot of royal beast armaments.

Inside a small box, Wei Feng found a projector.

It was a projection of Ling Xiaoxiao trading with major families.

Ling Xiaoxiao didn’t specify how much profit she got, but from her excited expression, Wei Feng guessed that she made a lot of money.

The beast armaments were distributed among the demons.

These guys were supporting Wei Feng, and they looked good using these armaments.

In the afternoon, while training the young beasts, Wei Feng familiarized himself with his new abilities.

Wei Feng let the young beasts attack him, and the result was tragic.

The young beasts were so confused, since he underestimated their fighting ability.

Wei Feng had to beg for mercy for them to stop.

This made the Wolf King’s eyes light up – he shrunk his body and moved towards Wei Feng.

Wei Feng held the Wolf King and started beating him.

“Woo! Bark bark bark bark!”

After beating the Wolf King, Wei Feng was energized again, and let the young beasts attack him again.

This time, Wei Feng used his magic – the magic recorded within Dark Codex was constantly casted out of Wei Feng like fireworks.

Now that [Dark Codex] has Ascended as well, he has unlocked exclusive Ascended magic!

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