In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 91


Chapter 91: While Others Are Primary, We Are Intermediate!

Once his Spirit Power took on a form, Wei Feng felt incredibly powerful.

His physical strength improved a lot as well.

By the time training had ended in the afternoon, the little royal beasts were exhausted.

There is no way to win – Wei Feng has all of their core abilities, and coupled with his high attributes, it is inevitable to lose.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon fell to the ground and rolled into a ball, “I can’t do this anymore! Master is too powerful!”


Their sister, Red Fox, shouted as Wei Feng punched her eye, and tears were about to fall from her eyes.


Their other sister, Snow Wolf, had also taken a rough beating. She tried using her [Hunt] ability, but Wei Feng’s own variation of [Hunt] was too powerful.

Ling Wu, the Ancient Alien beast took a kick to its stomach, and hit a tree not far away. His body slid down miserably.

The Beast of Light and Blood Tiger were also beaten up by Wei Feng and couldn’t get up.

Lilith, with distress, reminded Wei Feng, “Master! They are still young, be gentle!”


Wei Feng sighed and pointed at them, “All of you are too useless! Do you expect me to protect all of you in the future? Get up!”


“Master, I’m up!”

The group of little beasts quickly got up and resumed their training.

The training didn’t end until late evening, and the beasts stumbled around, exhausted.

The only one who really gained progress was Wei Feng himself.

A bonfire was raised, and fish and antelope meat were grilled over the fire. The aroma of meat wafted through the air.

The tiny beasts feasted on the meat.

Wei Feng smiled watching them gobbling it up.

They may look small, but they are all big eaters.

“Master, have some.”

Lilith handed Wei Feng a skewer of lamb, and sprinkled it with a layer of cumin, adding to the aroma.

“Master, you must be exhausted from training them! I’ll massage your shoulders,” she then walked behind Wei Feng and pressed her nimble fingers over his shoulders lightly.

Wei Feng nibbled while looking at the beasts, “It’s not really about training them – in the end, I was the one who benefited from the training more compared to them. After all, I’m the one who requires the most training.”

With that said, he then turned to look at the centre of Freedom Mountains, “Tomorrow, I’ll take them into the Freedom Mountain Range to fight some Ascended Beasts!”

Ever since [Scarlet Wind] blew, Freedom Mountains was running rampant with Ascended Beasts.

There was an abundance of Level 10 beasts in the Mountains previously, so it is no surprise that all of them became Ascended Beasts.

“Alright! Take care of them for me. I have unfinished business,” Wei Feng then got up and walked towards the open space by their area.

Lilith followed him, however, and said, “Master, you shouldn’t spoil them! I’ll follow you.”


Wei Feng chuckled, “Why? I thought you adored them.”

Lilith smiled, “Compared to Master, they come second.”

“Ha ha!”

He came to the open space and sat down.

He then entered his brain domain.

The manifestation of his Spirit Power looked exactly like a miniature version of Wei Feng, and he donned magnificent golden armor.

He went to the palace in his brain.

He stepped into the magnificent palace, and a dazzling array of goods were displayed again.


The grey mouse hopped from the counter and bowed to Wei Feng, “What are you buying today? As promised from last time, you will get a 20% discount!”


Wei Feng nodded and stepped forward.

He currently has 50961 Forbidden Energy.

He obtained this much energy from summoning in the past few days and obtaining his new Ascended Beasts.

These baby Ascended Beasts were all real and genuine Ascended Beasts.

“I want that!”

Wei Feng pointed to another ten-point star array, which was of an Intermediate level and had 53233 summoning runes.


The grey mouse moved his small ladder to obtain the star, and Wei Feng’s Forbidden Energy amount was deducted by 8000.

The mouse really gave him a 20% discount!

Wei Feng plans to buy more.

So, he pointed to the Royal Beast Armament, “I want those two weapons too.”

Then, he pointed to the eggs, “I want two Royal Beast eggs too!”

“And these medicines!”

“And those royal beast rations as well!”

Wei Feng spent more than 50000 Forbidden Energy and he had 61 remaining.

Wei Feng was a little puzzled while looking at his cart.

“Hey, why do you only sell Tier 1 and Tier 2 products here? Do you sell Tier 3 products as well?”


The mouse quickly explained, “For Tier 3 items, you need 100,000 Forbidden Energy to unlock them!”

Wei Feng: …

“Damn it! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I thought you only had Tier 1 and Tier 2 items here!” Wei Feng said speechlessly, looking at the pile of items in his cart.

“Well, you didn’t ask!” The mouse replied innocently.


The mouse blamed him.

Wei Feng walked out of the palace angrily.

The mouse scurried to the palace entrance and shouted, “Don’t be angry! I’ll give you a 30% discount the next time you come!”

Wei Feng’s mood improved and said excitedly, “A promise is a promise!”

The mouse was dumbfounded.

His mood changes too quick!

When Wei Feng walked out of the palace, some of his items transformed into energy and exited his brain.

In reality, the energy gathered and turned into his purchased items – two royal beast eggs, delicately packaged rations, and four small boxes.

In his brain, Wei Feng crushed the intermediate ten-point star array, and in an instant, the surrounding area was filled with dense summoning symbols.

An intermediate-level ten-point star array has more than 53000 summoning symbols, which is five times more than that of a primary star!

However, with Wei Feng’s abnormally high spirit power, it was a piece of cake to him.

In an hour, Wei Feng drew out all of the summoning symbols.

He then arranged all the symbols, and a portal, five times larger than a primary portal, was opened.

This is…

…a strategic summoning!

When everyone is rushing to summon their own Ascended Beasts using primary stars, his own intermediate star would stand out.

This means that…

He wouldn’t need to think about choosing which royal beast, since they would be strong regardless!


His portal formed, and Wei Feng found that it was easier to look into.

Coincidentally, he could see another portal open up within the other plane, and it was a portal using a primary ten-point star array.

It was obvious that whoever opened the portal was not strong – their portal was flickering in and out of existence.

Even then, there were still many creatures surrounding that portal.

After all, they were desperate to leave.

However, when an intermediate portal opened, the creatures went berserk.

Every creature rushed towards his portal.

Meanwhile, the Lu family in Haicheng.

Lu Yuhan looked at the ten-point star array in front of him.

As a direct descendant of the Lu family, he was naturally among the first to obtain the ten-point star array.

After [Scarlet Wind] blew across the world, he has become Ascended, and now that he has obtained the ten-point star array, he feels that he is about to literally ascend.

He felt that as long as he could summon a powerful royal beast and absorb its energy, he would be able to crush Wei Feng.

He spent a long time learning the summoning symbols, then spent another two hours trying to open a portal. He was full of anticipation when thinking of choosing an Ascended Beast, but he found that when he opened his portal, there were no beasts in sight.

At this moment…


His portal trembled violently, and a dark figure appeared in front of his portal.

“Oh my god!”

He thought of the leaked picture.

The picture was a behemoth from that plane sending their children into our world.

Lu Yuhan was too excited.

He felt like he was about to fly – a behemoth is about to bestow him their children.

He can be finally be strong enough to take anyone down!

However, a black light flashed in his face, and his portal dissipated instantly.


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