In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 93


Chapter 93: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

It was chaos around the bonfire.

The Night Demon was too strong, and several unsuspecting beasts were knocked down in an instant.


The Beast of Light leapt out the fire, blinding the surrounding area with dazzling light.

“It really is the Night Demon! How dare you push me into the fire – I’ll end you!”


A dark shadow swept past the Beast of Light, and it was immediately sent into the fire again.


Red light flickered, and the Blood Tiger swooped in and pounced at the Night Demon.


With another flash, the Night Demon phased behind the Blood Tiger, and kicked the Blood Tiger’s butt with a bang.

Blood Tiger: !


The Beast of Light crawled out of the bonfire, only to be smashed back in by the Blood Tiger.

Wei Feng: …

Scarlet Flood Dragon: …

How can the Night Demon be so powerful?

Wei Feng was a little dumbfounded.

Even if they were all teaming up, they could not beat the Night Demon.

If this was a real fight, then the little beasts would be dead by now.

“Master, the Night Demon is of another realm than us…” the Scarlet Flood Dragon whined.

The Night Demon smiled, “Master, seems like you lost.”

Half an hour later.

The bonfire was put out, and the Night Demon hid itself in the shadows.

It doesn’t seem to like fire or light.

The Blood Tiger licked its paws, eyes affixed onto the Night Demon’s hiding spot.

The Beast of Light laid next to the Blood Tiger as well.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon rested itself on Wei Feng’s shoulders, telling him the characteristics of a Night Demon.

Night Demons are asexual.

The way they reproduce is via inheriting abilities – older demons pass on their abilities onto younger demons, which is their exclusive abilities.

This is the strength of the Night Demon bloodline.

When a new Night Demon is born, the old one dies, and the baby Demon will be taken care of by a Guardian Demon known as [Ye Lan].

Hence, in the other plane, you will never see two Night Demons at the same time.

Not to mention, the Night Demons inherit the Divine Beast bloodline!

After listening to the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s explanation, Wei Feng glanced at the Night Demon.

He felt that it was powerful, but lonely.

It made him feel a little bad.

“Here you go!”

Wei Feng got up and picked up a grilled fish skewer and handed it to the Night Demon.

“Thank you, master.”

It took it and immediately bit into the skewer.

Wei Feng leaned against the rock and commended, “You did great today – how about we join forces and attack them once again?”


The Night Demon nodded.

“Hold it!”

The Beast of Light leapt onto the stone and announced, “Last time, I was unprepared! But behold, you will not have luck on your side anymore!”


The Blood Tiger leapt onto the rock and agreed.

“You are only a level higher than me – when I become a Level 4 Ascended Beast, you will lose regardless!” The Blood Tiger announced, and rested itself beside the Beast of Light.

“Why do I have the feeling that a certain beast is unable to admit defeat?” The Scarlet Flood Dragon joked, swimming circles in the air. It materialised a cloud and rested on it lazily.

“You can join them. I don’t mind,” the Night Demon muttered.

“Ah, you-”

“Can’t you be nicer?” Ling Wu rolled over angrily. “You can beat up the three of them, but not me!”

“Don’t count me in, either. It’s their business,” the Red Fox nodded.

“Not me too!” The Snow Wolf said, leaning on Wei Feng. “This is a fight for Divine Beasts, I have no room to intervene!”

“I wanted to join in the fight, but I know my battles,” Xing Xie muttered, jumping into Wei Feng’s arms.

Wei Feng wanted to laugh.

It seems like a lot of the beasts are scared of the Night Demon.


The Beast of Light let out a cough, and burst into white light, revealing the Night Demon.

“It doesn’t matter if we fight, but we are a family now! Let’s be nice to each other!” The Beast of Light announced.

Lilith came over and leaned on Wei Feng. She thought that the beasts’ bickering was cute.

Ying, Dragon Ape, Thunder Bird, and the Wolf King came over too.


“Great to see that the younger generation are full of energy!”

The Wolf King announced.

The Night Demon was surrounded by everyone, and blinked its big eyes.

Although it was strong, it was still young and a baby.

All Night Demons inevitably feel lonely.

In the other plane, the other three Divine Beasts think this is to limit the power of Night Demons.

Because Night Demons aren’t able to survive this loneliness.

No matter how strong someone is, they are bound to have weaknesses – and the glaring weakness of a Night Demon is loneliness.

It isn’t right to judge a book by its cover.

Early in the morning.

Wei Feng opened his eyes, and he felt heavy.

He quickly found out why.

They talked late into the night and fell asleep while laying on the giant rock.

The group of baby beasts were lying on his chest; his right arm was held closely by Lilith; his left foot numb due to the Wolf King sleeping on it.

“Oh dear!”

Lilith woke up and released Wei Feng’s eyes, then quickly tried moving the baby beasts away.

Wei Feng saw a funny scene unfold.

The Night Demon helplessly laid on the rock – the Beast of Light and Blood Tiger clung onto it to sleep; one of the Beast of Light’s hooves were stuck on the Night Demon’s chest!

“Lilith, look!”

Wei Feng asked Lilith to look, and she couldn’t help but chuckle.

To their surprise, the Night Demon didn’t bother moving the Beast of Light’s hoof and remained motionless.

It was touch starved.

And it had a lot of trust.

The light that the Beast of Light emitted not only illuminated the Night Demon’s hiding spot, but also illuminated its heart.

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