In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 94


Chapter 94: A Full Line-up of Beasts!


Ling Xiaoxiao had sent another helicopter to deliver supplies to Wei Feng.

It was a large 50×50 box, which contains various items.

This time, there was a lot of fruit included in the supplies – Wei Feng had specially requested for them.

After eating dinner, Wei Feng was ready to enter the centre of Freedom Mountains.

A prompt suddenly sounded in his brain.


[NOTICE: Complete Mission #2: [Return of the Ascended Beasts] – Promote the ten-point star array, so that the Ascended Beasts can cross into this world again.]

[Mission Requirements Met – Let 10000 People Summon Ascended Beasts.]

[Rewards: Level 7 Ascended Beast Black Tortoise Egg, +50000 Forbidden Energy]

His plan worked. 

His mission was completed in just two days.

Energy condensed into an azure egg into Wei Feng’s hands.

This is a Level 7 Ascended Beast egg…

This Black Tortoise – in Wei Feng’s memory, it was part of the Divine Beast bloodline as well.

However, it does not belong to any world – not this world, not the other plane either.


Wei Feng held the egg for just a moment, and it cracked.

The group of baby beasts quickly gathered around him.

“Master… the energy in this egg is strange!” The Scarlet Flood Dragon said.

“Really? It seems familiar!” The Blood Tiger said.


The eggshell shattered, and blue light emitted from the egg, like water.



A head full of scales unburied itself from the egg and swallowed the entire eggshell.

Wei Feng quickly sat down and drew a summoning symbol for the Black Tortoise.

Ascended Beasts that hatch from eggs must undergo a summoning contract before they can become royal beasts.

The group of baby beasts gathered in a circle, watching the tortoise devour the eggshell.

As it devoured the eggshell, something peculiar happened.

Azure water rippled, and one symbol after another, branded itself onto its tortoise shell.


Suddenly, a snake head slithered out and devoured the eggshell as well.

Legend has it that the Black Tortoise has two heads – a regular tortoise head, and a snake head.

Wei Feng heard about it in stories as well.


Wei Feng branded the summoning symbol onto the Black Tortoise.

The summoning symbols branded themselves onto both heads.


[NOTICE: You have obtained the Ascended Royal Beast [Black Tortoise]!]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Ultimate Defence], deriving from the Black Tortoise.]

Wei Feng found that his attributes has skyrocketed once again.

He peered into the Black Tortoise’s attribute panel.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Black Tortoise (Ancient Divine Beast)

Level: Level 7 Ascended Beast

Attribute: Water

Strength: 1540 Ascended Power

Agility: 1020 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 1630 Ascended Power

Ancient Bloodline: Level up to gain additional bonus attributes.

Exclusive Ability: [Guardian] – Transfer the damage of a target to the Black Tortoise instead.

Core Abilities: [Ultimate Defence] – The Black Tortoise can withstand damage equal to twice his strength value.

[Water Shield] – Condenses the water in the air to form a shield.

[Water Curtain] has not been activated.

[Reduction] has not been activated.

[Water Spirit] has not been activated.

[Overlapping Curtains] has not been activated.

[End Times – Shape of Water] has not been activated.

Hidden Ability: [The Four Ancient Beasts – Black Tortoise] has not been activated.

The Black Tortoise was born at Level 7 Ascended rank!

This made Wei Feng sigh.

It was slightly unfair. The Black Tortoise was born at a level that many cannot reach.

This is the Black Tortoise’s nature.

Now that another Divine Beast has joined the party, Wei Feng’s royal beast line-up has begun to steer towards to Divine Beasts.

At this point, it can’t be luck.

He had obtained 50,000 additional Forbidden Energy from completing his quest, and now that he has obtained the Night Demon and Black Tortoise, his total Forbidden Energy is now 61,269.

Wei Feng didn’t plan to spend it – he wanted to save 100,000 Forbidden Energy so he can unlock the more luxurious products in the store.

The two Ascended Beast armaments were given to Ying and Dragon Ape.

He trusts them to defend Red Maple well.

Ever since [Scarlet Wind] blew and made them an Ascended Beast, the Dragon Ape and Ying have worked extra hard to push themselves further.

Now that Wei Feng can summon Ascended Beasts, they feel pressured to do better.

Soon, Wei Feng and Lilith took the group of baby beasts to enter the centre of Freedom Mountains.

This is the first time Wei Feng has entered the centre ever since the first accident.

The lake in the belly of the mountain doubled in size.

On the edge of the lake, some crocodiles laid in shallow water lazily.

Most of these crocodiles were over five metres long, but they are only Level 9, which is weak.

Along the south side of the lake, Wei Feng led the beasts into a dense forest.

The jungle was incredibly dense – the trees were thick with leaves, blocking out the sun.

It wasn’t like this before. This was all thanks to [Scarlet Wind].



Not long after, Wei Feng encountered a group of coyotes.

There were about 40 of them, 6 of which were Ascended coyotes. The rest were Level 9 and Level 10 coyotes.

They are quite a challenge.


The Blood Tiger let out a roar.

“Time to hunt!”

The Snow Wolf howled.

The group of baby beasts rushed forward.

Wei Feng stood still to witness the scene.

The Blood Tiger and the Night Demon rushed into battle immediately, and charge directly at the Ascended coyotes.

Soon, chaos erupted within the jungle.

A brave Level 10 coyote pounced towards Wei Feng, but was taken down by a single slap.

Wei Feng let Ling Wu and Red Fox follow the Beast of Light and Scarlet Flood Dragon. With their supportive abilities, they can assist the other beasts rather than fend alone.

The group of baby beasts played with their food, and the battle lasted for half an hour.

It was already noon – Wei Feng set up a bonfire to roast the coyotes.

Coyote meat was delicious when grilled.

Moreover, Ascended coyotes contained a lot of energy to fund [Energy of Flesh and Blood].

This was beneficial to both Wei Feng and the beasts.

Especially Xing Xie – its ability was similar to [Energy of Flesh and Blood].

After feasting on coyote meat, Wei Feng hit 11% on Energy of Flesh and Blood.

Later in the afternoon, Wei Feng took the group through the dense forest for an hour, and they encountered a mountain road with many tall rocks.

In the distance, mountains and trees stood tall, forming Freedom Mountains.

The entire Freedom Mountains spans nearly a thousand miles from east to west, and they are now entering the centre of Freedom Mountains.


A bird similar to Thunder Bird flapped its wing, clasping an iguana in its talons. Electricity crackled in the air as it landed on a branch.


A roar of a tiger sounded, striking fear in everyone’s heart.

The entire Freedom Mountains were wild with beasts.

The mountains towered over them; the trees haunted over them; the clouds shrouded the sun; birds in the sky sneered fiercely; beasts were roaring.

Wei Feng smiled.

This was a completely new experience.

The group of baby beasts were also filled with excitement, and let out cheerful sounds.

“Alright! Let’s start our journey!” Wei Feng then stretched out his hand to pull Lilith to his side gently. He pointed at the mountain and grinned.

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