In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 95


Chapter 95: Misunderstanding

Ever since [Scarlet Wind] blew, adventurers from major cities embarked on a journey to explore the Freedom Mountains range.

Isn’t it terrifying that a mere wind is able to make every creature in the world level up by 1?

And this wind originated from the centre of Freedom Mountains.

This was a great opportunity.

Adventurers from Yancheng, Haicheng, and Luocheng – all cities close to Freedom Mountains – have arrived at Freedom Mountains.

Because of the Scarlet Wind, some people wanted to discover the origin of it at the centre of Freedom Mountains.

And after they have obtained the ten-point star array and summoning Ascended Beasts, the elite families became confident and journeyed to the Freedom Mountains Range, wanting to get a piece of the pie as well.

Wei Feng entered the Freedom Mountain Range from the north and has been trekking for two days.

In the past two days, they have fought more than a dozen times and gained a lot. The baby beasts were inherently wild, and they grew rapidly.


[NOTICE: Your [Blood Tiger] has been upgraded to Level 4 Ascended.]

After two days of hard work, the Blood Tiger and Scarlet Flood Dragon caught up in levels and reached Level 4 Ascended.

In addition, Xing Xie grew rapidly, and became Level 2 Ascended.

Evening came.

Wei Feng took the beasts to prepare dinner in a clearing.

Lilith and Red Fox washed the picked fruits by a lake not far away.

The smell of meat wafted through the air. In the bushes, a silhouette of a beast flashed from time to time.

In the wild, light and food attracts many wild beasts.

This was Wei Feng’s plan all along – dinner was insufficient today, and they needed to lure a beast in.


An unknowing lion beast rushed to them and pounced at Wei Feng, who had his back turned to it.


Red light flashed, and the beast was decapitated immediately.

It didn’t even have time to roar in pain.

“Next time, let me deal with the trouble. It got too close to master!” The Night Demon argued.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon, the Beast of Light, and the other beasts walked out from behind the big tree, and commented on how the Blood Tiger just levelled up.

Wei Feng deliberately let the beasts hide to fool the other creatures into a false sense of unguarded prey.

Even though they are infant beasts, they were strong.

Even Ascended Beasts fear their presence.

Ten minutes later, the lion was cleaned and roasted.

Lilith and Red Fox went to wash another two baskets of fruits, and the beasts enjoyed it.

“Master, don’t you think this is great?” Lilith asked, sitting next to Wei Feng. They watched the little beasts bicker among themselves.

In the past two days, the Night Demon integrated into the family, and strangely enough, was close to the Beast of Light and the Blood Tiger.

Night soon fell. The flowers emitted soft light, illuminating the clearing.

Groups of fireflies scurried around, humming in their ears.

The Freedom Mountains was beautiful.

However, some creatures moved at night.

Security doesn’t exist…

…unless you’re strong enough!


“Father, look out! There’s fire ahead!”

“My sisters, hurry up! It’s safer over there.”

Several voices could be heard.

Wei Feng’s hearing was sharp – he could hear their voices, even if they were far away.

Five minutes later, he could hear them gasp.

Looking up, four figures could be seen 300 metres away, and were running towards them.

There were many beasts surrounding the clearing where Wei Feng resided, but they didn’t dare to approach it.

That doesn’t mean that they were not afraid to attack other bystanders.

The four were attacked.

Wei Feng saw a troll fall, and the four people fled.

When they approached Wei Feng’s clearing, they found that the creatures stopped chasing them.

Among the four were two young men and a middle-aged woman and a girl.

“Dad, look! It’s safe here,” the young man piped up.


The girl ran up front, “Hold up! There may be a trap set here!”

One of the men said, “There may be a very strong beast here. Watch out.”


The girl exclaimed and pointed at the bonfire.

“Beasts dare not to approach this area. It’s about 200 metres away from here, so whoever is at the bonfire must be really strong. Let’s be wary,” the man reminded.

The other man complained, “In other words, we aren’t safe at all.”

The man frowned, “I pray we are.”

The lion beast was roasted to perfection – Wei Feng divided the meat among the little beasts – they seemed hungry.

The four figures sneaked over.

Wei Feng wanted to laugh.

He didn’t expect to meet someone he knew.

Back in Mount Soft Gold, he met and saved a family.

Later on, in the city, he met the family once again, and the girl wanted to square up with him.

The man stepped forward, but he did not recognise Wei Feng, “My brother! If you don’t mind, the four of us needs to stay here for a night. It is alright if you refuse.”

Wei Feng smiled, “There’s no trouble. I don’t own this land anyways. It is free land.”

“Thank you!”

The man was overjoyed! He didn’t expect someone as powerful as Wei Feng to be so kind.

He started a bonfire not far away and started to cook.

The girl helped him out, while the two young men made a tent.

Wei Feng could sense that the girl kept looking at him.

He could hear her whisper, “Dad, is he selling the cubs of royal beasts? They are so cute!”

The man simply replied, “You can never mind your own business. Whatever.”


The girl snorted, and continued, “You’re too grumpy! Those cubs are too cute! Dad, can I buy one? Just one? Please?”

The man shook his head, “Go ahead and try. If he wants to sell one, then you can buy it.”

“Thanks dad!”

The girl smiled.

But the man reminded her, “But if he doesn’t sell it, or it’s too expensive, hurry back to me. Don’t make a fuss.”

“Got it, dad.”

Unknowing to him, his words fell on deaf ears. She stepped forward and ran towards Wei Feng.

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