In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 96


Chapter 96: Buy 1, Free 1

Wei Feng and Lilith looked at each other and could only smile helplessly.

This girl misunderstood them as royal beast merchants, and intends to become the embodiment of justice to “free” these little cubs.

The girl strutted over and swept over the tiny beasts one by one, and shock swept across her eyes.

She has never seen these beasts before!

Especially that tortoise that had a head of a snake and a tortoise.

And that little red snake could swim in the air!

“Oh, I…”

The girl’s eyes darted between the beast and nervously asked, “Are you selling these?”

Wei Feng: …

She’s very direct, he’ll give him that.

She didn’t even begin small talk – she just asked!

Wei Feng felt this was interesting, and lightly kicked the Beast of Light, “Hey! Listen up! These people want to buy you!”

Wei Feng’s action made the young man angry, and he criticized Wei Feng, “How could you treat young beasts in this manner? I’ll buy him, so you can never touch him again!”

The Beast of Light was shocked.

It straightened its belly and patted its stomach, “My lady, do you want to buy me and save me? Please do! You’ll save me from a sea of misery!”

“You- you… you can talk!” The girl shouted.

Beasts who can talk are generally above Level 9, which is common knowledge.

But the beast in front of her was a child, but it has already hit Level 9 or above!

The girl was dumbfounded.

In their family, her second brother was the strongest, having a Level 7 Troll – after Scarlet Wind, their troll became Level 8.

She has a Level 6 Horned Lion and a Level 4 Ghost Wolf.

This means that…

It means that their family’s most powerful beasts aren’t as strong as this baby beast!

“No, impossible! How is it possible that you can understand human language when you’re just a baby!” The girl shouted.

The Night Demon leaned against a rock and muttered, “Young lady, this beast is cute, but useless. Consider buying me instead!”

Wei Feng: …

Lilith: …

Looks like the Night Demon wanted to join in on the fun.

Loneliness overtook it, so it wanted to have some fun.

“You can speak too?!” The girl looked at Night Demon with fear.

At this time, the Scarlet Flood Dragon was lying lazily on a cloud and floated in front of the girl.

It then snapped its fingers, letting rain fall from the tiny cloud, “Young lady, buy me instead! If you buy me, you can get the Blood Tiger too!”

The girl: …

The Blood Tiger roared, “I’ll tear that cloud apart! Watch your mouth!”

The girl: !

The Snow Wolf noticed something, and reminded the other beasts, “Guys, wait, this girl seems petrified…”

Ling Wu: “Wait! She’s not responding anymore!”

The girl: …

Xing Xie: “Tears are coming out of her eyes!”

Wei Feng looked at the girl and tears rolled down from her eyes.

“I… I…”

The girl quickly turned around and dashed back to her family.

The group of beasts were taken aback, thinking they took it too far.

This made the family think that she was bullied, and rushed to Wei Feng with weapons.

The girl held them back and explained, and the man came to apologize instead.

Wei Feng didn’t mind at all.

Being able to meet them again was fateful.

And they made his boring night entertaining.

Early in the morning.

Wei Feng and Lilith packed their things, and left with the group of little beasts.

The man saw them leave, and woke the two young men up to leave.

Five kilometres west of Wei Feng, a camp was packing up and prepared to leave as well.

There were only young people in this camp, about 20 of them, and they all had beasts. Most of their beasts were young cubs as well.

This team was from Haicheng – all of the representatives of the elite families of Haicheng were there.

Some notable names were Nangong Yun, Lu Yuhan, Wang Jiahao, Zhang Xiyao…

The Scarlet Wind made the major families confident.

This expedition was organised by the major families to unite the families.

The elders of the families agreed that the younger generation should experience danger together so that they may form a closer bond.

They also secretly planned to let them cultivate their feelings for each other.

Wei Feng passed under a big mountain and walked towards the south west direction, and soon, he would meet Zhang Xiyao.


A bird similar to Thunder Bird cawed in the air – Wei Feng thought it was his own Thunder Bird.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon muttered, “Too bad it’s a male bird. Our brother Thunder Bird would love a companion.”

Wei Feng was taken aback.

They were all badly influenced by the Wolf King.

When he gets back, he’s going to teach him a lesson.

“Kill it. That’s our lunch today,” Wei Feng said. It was an Ascended Thunder Bird.

His [Energy of Flesh and Blood] has reached 98% – just a bit more, and it will be 100%. If he activates it, he’ll gain around 100 or 200 Ascended Power.


Electricity burst in the air.

Unknowingly to the Thunder Bird, the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Xing Xie could control electricity and lightning as well.

The Thunder Bird never knew that its demise would be electricity itself.

“Wei Feng!”

“Is that you?”

A familiar voice sounded – the electricity crackling in the air was so loud that he couldn’t hear them approaching.

He saw Zhang Xiyao, Wang Jiahao, and a group of young men and women appeared in his sight.

“Xiyao, it’s you!”

Lilith waved her hand frantically.

Zhang Xiyao walked towards them swiftly, and the group also approached them, making Wei Feng frown.

He could see two cubs, and their aura was similar to his Snow Wolf.

He also saw Lu Yuhan who was muttering things to a man beside him, and pointed at him from time to time.

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