In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 97


Chapter 97: Holy Light

Wei Feng could feel anger radiating from Lu Yuhan.

There is no way that Lu Yuhan was praising Wei Feng.

Zhang Xiyao had a great chat with Lilith like good sisters.

Wang Jiahao’s eyes darted from Wei Feng to his beasts, and said in disbelief, “Wei Feng, things changed, huh?”

He thought Wei Feng was a royal beast merchant as well.

After all, an ordinary person is incapable of summoning that many Ascended Beasts.

“I’m just bringing them out to experience what Freedom Mountains is like,” Wei Feng smiled.

“Wei Feng.”

Sure enough, Wei Feng’s trouble approached.

Lu Yuhan stepped forward with the man he was talking to.

“What’s the matter?” Wei Feng asked, smiling.

“I’m Nangong Yun, you must have heard of me,” the man said confidently.

“I have never heard of you,” Wei Feng said honestly.

Wang Jiahao chuckled, “Wait, what’s going on? Wei Feng is my good friend, don’t treat him like this.”

“Wang Jiahao, step aside. This has nothing to do with you,” Nangong Yun ordered. “You must be Ascended now. Since everyone here is a tabooist, you must follow the rules.”


Wei Feng was a little puzzled.

Wang Jiahao whispered, “The last time you made a scene in Yancheng, your identity as a tabooist was exposed.”

Wei Feng looked at him in surprise. He didn’t know that was what people thought of him.

However, judging from his actions, it was natural that they thought he was a tabooist.

All right then!

I guess I’m a tabooist now! Wei Feng thought to himself.

“So, tell me! What are the rules that a tabooist must follow? You should know, I’m from a small city, so I don’t know the customs from those living in a big city!”


He chuckled, “Simple. Whoever is strongest has the final say.”


Wei Feng nodded.

For an arrogant guy like Nangong Yun, fists are the easiest answer.

“Wei Feng, the rules aren’t that simple!” Lu Yuhan stepped forward, and stared at the Scarlet Flood Dragon, “If you lose, then your little beasts belong to us.”


Wei Feng wanted to laugh.

He bluntly replied, “So, you take a fancy in my Ascended Beasts.”

The group also has their own batch of Ascended Beasts, so it is not a surprise that they recognise the Scarlet Flood Dragon.

“You’re sensible,” Lu Yuhan sarcastically replied.

“Well, it’s on. If I lose, then these beasts belong to you,” Wei Feng smiled.

“It’s a deal!”

Nangong Yun quickly agreed.

He even asked Wang Jiahao to be the referee.

Nangong Yun wanted to challenge Wei Feng because his own Ascended Beast Cub could recognise the Beast of Light and Scarlet Flood Dragon.

Two Divine Beasts!

No matter how Wei Feng obtained them, if he won, he would get them.

“You, you go first.”

He then pushed a young man beside him to fight for him, then pointed at the Beast of Light, “Alright, you will fight this beast.”


Wei Feng nodded at the Beast of Light.

The Beast of Light slapped its belly and walked forward.

No one could predict that this little beast would have 820 Ascended Power.

Nangong Yun knew to be cautious, however. He slipped the young man a tiny bottle before the fight began, and whispered a few words to him.

Wei Feng frowned.

With his enhanced hearing, he could hear what Nangong Yun said to the young man.

“Take this medicine. It’ll increase your Ascended Power by 500. Bring that beast to me, and I’ll reward you with what you want.”

A medicine that increases 500 Ascended Power?

Is the Federation this advanced?

However, he knew that the medicine had adverse side effects, because Nangong Yun did not take the medicine himself.

Whatever the side effects were, he would know soon.

A light groan could be heard.

The Black Tortoise spat out a blue light, blessing the Beast of Light.

Wei Feng knew what it was – the Black Tortoise used its exclusive ability [Guardian], so any damage taken by the Beast of Light is transferred to itself instead.


The young man quickly swallowed the medicine and roared – his body contorted wildly; his right arm twisted and swelled rapidly.

This medicine was…

Wei Feng flinched watching his muscles contort in pain.

The young man’s eyes were red with fury, and rushed towards the Beast of Light.

The Beast of Light’s body was somewhat large – half a metre high and more than a metre long.

It burst into holy light and activated its core ability [Holy Light].


Holy light blasted from the sky, and smited the young man.


The young man sank to the ground, bones broken.

The young man sank two metres into the ground from the impact.

Even if it took the medicine, it wasn’t enough.

Under [Holy Light], the young man received his judgment, and died.

Wei Feng smiled, “Forgot to mention – if you win, you get my beasts, but if I win, I take your life.”

Nangong Yun’s face fell.

He didn’t expect death.

Wei Feng was too ruthless.

However, Nangong Yun didn’t give up – in fact, he became greedy with lust for the Beast of Light.

Such a powerful beast must be his!

“Then, let me fight you!”

He stepped forward, bravado coursing through him.

Zhang Xiyao grabbed Wei Feng’s arm and whispered, “Wei Feng, he’s the eldest son of the Haicheng family… he’s the direct descendant of the Nangong family, please!”


Wei Feng didn’t care.

Perhaps for Zhang Xiyao and the others, his identity was important – but it didn’t matter to Wei Feng.

He picked a fight with Wei Feng after all, so he needs a taste of his own medicine.

However, Wei Feng felt something was amiss – as the direct descendant of the Nangong family, why is he making such a hasty decision?

He seemed crazed with lust as well.

Wei Feng used [Abyss Peek] to peer into Nangong Yun.

Scarlet Wind also upgraded [Abyss Peek], and it has become an S-Tier Forbidden Item.

The number of probes and what he can probe has significantly improved.

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