In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 98


Chapter 98: Tabooists’ Weaknesses

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Human

Level: Level 1 Ascended

Strength: 349 Ascended Power

Agility: 335 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 330 Ascended Power

Status: Chaotic, Manic, Hungry

Forbidden Items: S-Tier [Gluttony Fang] – Units swallowed: 57

Derived Ability: [Forced Devour] – Forcefully devour any creature who has lower Spirit Power than you, and obtain all their attributes and memories.

Wei Feng finally understood why Nangong Yun seemed crazed.

It was his natural state as a tabooist!

When a tabooist devours Ascended Beasts, they gain their power, as well as their memories and consciousness.

No normal human is able to withstand that many memories clogging their brain, hence, they will go mad.

This was unavoidable.


Nangong Yun pounced forward, and the Beast of Light cast [Holy Light] once again to smite him to the ground.

However, he was unphased – he crawled up from the ground; eyes imbued with scarlet lust while chewing something in his mouth.


“You will be mine!”


He rushed madly towards the Beast of Light, but collided with a large blue shield.

The Black Tortoise casted a large shield to protect the Beast of Light!

Nangong Yun’s attributes have already reached more than 800 Ascended Power…

“He’s… he’s gone mad! Help!” The group of people behind him shouted in horror, and some of them even turned back to flee.

“How many Ascended Beasts did he devour?!” Zhang Xiyao exclaimed. 


“I’m so hungry!”

Nangong Yun bellowed. It seemed like he was in extreme pain, and his hands kept tearing at his own body.

Zhang Xiyao and Lilith turned around, unable to witness the scene.

Wei Feng watched as his muscles teared off his skin – there was no blood, instead, black hair grew rapidly.


“Wait, no! Save me! Roar! Help!”

Nangong Yun regained some of his consciousness for a brief moment, but unfortunately, fell back into a state of madness and delusion.

He couldn’t control himself after taking that drug anymore.

“I’m so hungry! I want to eat!”

He was unable to reach the Beast of Light – he twisted his head and glared at his former companions with a crazed hunger.

“I’m hungry!”

Nangong Yun pounced at Lu Yuhan.

“Help me!”

“Ack! Help! Help! Help! Please help!”

“No! Help!”

Lu Yuhan’s shrill screams erupted in the forest – he was pinned down by Nangong Yun; flesh and blood flew in the air as Nangong Yun started to devour him, and gore was present in the scene.

Zhang Xiyao’s face turned pale.

Some of his former companions fell to the ground, unable to move in fear.

“We need to run!”

“I can’t!”

“He’s become a beast, please, run!”

They were unable to run. Their legs were like noodles, petrified with fear.

Humans are no longer arrogant when in the face of danger.

An Ascended Beast cub sacrificed itself trying to protect its master – its body instantly devoured by Nangong Yun.

His attributes increased exponentially with each devour, and his body grew rapidly and unnaturally.

Black hair… scarlet scales… Nangong Yun was no longer human, but a beast.

It all happened too quick.

Wei Feng stepped forward and ordered, “Stand back! The Night Demon and I will kill him!”

“Yes, Master.”

The Night Demon quickly trailed behind Wei Feng.

It was about 1.2 metres tall. Childlike, but held great power in him.

“Nangong Yun, over here!”

Wei Feng spoke, attracting his attention.

At the same time, the Night Demon casted [Assault in the Night].

A dark rift spawned, and a creature shrouded in darkness pounced at Nangong Yun.

However, [Assault in the Night] required the target to be stricken with fear, and Nangong Yun wasn’t afraid.

“I’m hungry…”

His body did not move – instead, his neck twisted 180 degrees and glared at Wei Feng with his scarlet slits.

“I’m going to eat you!”

He pounced at Wei Feng, muscles contorting wildly in the air.

Wei Feng readied himself.

His left hand surged with black magic.

This was [Dark Explosion], obtained after [Dark Codex] reaches the Ascended level.

The damage of [Dark Explosion] is determined by Spirit Power, and there is a chance of annihilating the target’s brain domain.

His right hand was then shrouded in bright, dazzling light. It gently enveloped his hand perfectly.

This was the Beast of Light’s [Holy Transformation]. His arm was fit snugly with a radiant glove, and rushed forward.


Although Nangong Yun’s attributes exceeded one thousand Ascended Power, Wei Feng was stronger.

Wei Feng slid forward, and using [Hunt], he could see Nangong Yun’s weakness – his heart, and he pushed himself forward and punched through Nangong Yun’s chest.

Holy light penetrated through his body, and his body flew upwards from the impact.

Wei Feng continued his assault.

He used [Float] to reach Nangong Yun, and using [Dark Explosion], he blasted him back to the ground.


With a single touch, Nangong Yun fell back down instantly.

At this time, the Night Demon was in position.

It conjured a dark, shadowy blade, and slashed in a straight line.


Nangong Yun’s body was sliced cleanly in half.

It only took a couple of seconds.

Wang Jiahao was dazed watching Wei Feng hover in the air.

He could not believe his own eyes.

Wei Feng inspected Nangong Yun’s lifeless body. There wasn’t a single drop of blood, and his muscles were ash black and covered with a layer of mucus.

It was a little disgusting, so Wei Feng left.

There were three corpses, one of which belonged to Lu Yuhan.

His corpse was mauled and bitten to shreds, and with what little remains of him, Wei Feng could see that there wasn’t a trace of blood left after Nangong Yun sucked all the blood out of him.

Wei Feng frowned.

Tabooists rely on absorbing the blood of other creatures to increase their own strength… does this mean that the blood in their body disappears?

Like it’s some sort of battery?

Wei Feng could only come to this hypothesis.

“Master, are you alright?!” Lilith thought Wei Feng was injured when she saw Wei Feng frowning.

“I’m okay. Let’s get out of here. We know better than to come across other tabooists now,” he said, shaking his head.

He realised something was amiss.

Zhang Xiyao was looking at him, and she turned to leave.

Wang Jiahao was a little flustered, “We need to go. Nangong Yun died, so I need to return to Haicheng to report to them. I fear this may affect the alliances between the families badly.”

“Oh. I see.”

Wei Feng nodded, “We’ll see what happens.”

He didn’t try to stop Zhang Xiyao from leaving. He didn’t think it was worth it – there was a spark before between them, but in the end, it fizzled out.

After this incident, Wei Feng didn’t want to mingle with other tabooists either.

If an Ascended Beasts that they raise can be mercilessly absorbed, then they were no longer human to begin with.

Two hours later.

They rested by a river.

They caught some doves and roasted it over a bonfire – the aroma of meat wafted in the air.

The previous incident did not affect Wei Feng at all – in fact, he and Lilith were happily mingling with the group of little beasts.

Wei Feng was no longer fragile. He has seen too much, after all.

His goal was clear now – raise these little beasts and become stronger with them; build a secure home, a paradise of his own…

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