In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 99


Chapter 99: Hellfire Ants

Twenty days later.

Wei Feng’s party has finally arrived at the centre of Freedom Mountains.

Compared to the entire mountain range, the centre seems a bit barren.

A big pit, like an abyss with a diameter of about seven or eight kilometres could be seen. The walls of the pit were lined with spheres, pulsing from time to time.

This pit has obviously seen many battles – trees in the surrounding area were damaged, and a large stone not far away was sliced in half cleanly.

Flames and embers sparked around the pit.

“What are those little spheres?” The Scarlet Flood Dragon asked.

“Look! It’s about to hatch!” The Snow Wolf pointed out.

Wei Feng quickly used [Abyss Peek].

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Hellfire Ant Eggs

Status: Incubating

Energy: Unknown

Description: –

He couldn’t probe any other information out of it.

He peered down the big pit – a scarlet crack could be seen, and red wisps of energy was constantly flowing out, absorbed by the eggs.

“Come on, we need to move.”


Just when Wei Feng was about to explore, he could hear a faint whining not far away.

Wei Feng turned his head, and could see a tortoise in a white robe.

“Master, look!”

The Snow Wolf exclaimed.

Wei Feng saw that they were surrounded by little red figures.


The scarlet ants were each half a metre long, and emitted red smoke in their eyes.

He used [Abyss Peek] again.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Hellfire Ants

Strength: 500 Ascended Power

Agility: 500 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 500 Ascended Power

Energy: Unknown

Description: Unknown

They didn’t have any sort of level, and all their attributes were exactly five hundred.

Wei Feng frowned, and darted between other Hellfire Ants.

All of their properties were identical.

Every little Hellfire Ant had 500 Ascended Power.

“How could this be?” Wei Feng muttered.

“You need to leave! Spread the news!” The turtle in the white robe shouted its last words before being devoured alive by the Hellfire Ants.

Wei Feng looked around desperately. They were fully surrounded.

By a sea of ants.

Why couldn’t he detect them earlier when he entered the area?

Were they hiding?


A hissing sound could be heard, and an extraordinarily tall Hellfire Ant skittered around.

Wei Feng used [Abyss Peek] again.

This big ant has attributes of 1500 Ascended Power…

Three times more than the little ants!



Giant ants started to crawl towards them.

“We need to leave!”

Seeing the ants’ approach, Wei Feng was struck with fear. He didn’t want to die like this.

He unsummoned all his beasts and merged with Lilith, and quickly took off.

He flew to flee the area, but a scarlet ray shot out, almost hitting Wei Feng.


He could hear the flapping of wings.

He looked down and almost lost control of his flight.

These ants can fly!

They had a pair of red wings that hum when they vibrate, akin to a fighter jet.

Wei Feng turned around and zoomed out of the air.

With [Float], coupled with Lilith’s natural ability to fly, the group of Hellfire Ants were unable to catch up to him.

Wei Feng had other plans in mind.

He fears that he may have uncovered the conspiracy of that giant pit.

Whatever is lying within that scarlet crack must have an ulterior motive, and it could bring an unimaginable disaster to this world.

When they came to the centre of Freedom Mountains, it took more than 20 days.

Now they were flying back home, it only took three hours.

Back in Red Maple, Wei Feng immediately unbound Red Maple from the Restricted Area.

There wasn’t any time to explain. Wei Feng ordered Ying to gather the demons. They needed to move as far as possible from Freedom Mountains.


When the final batch of demons left Freedom Mountains, the Mountains trembled.

The mountains fell over one by one, and the earth shook violently.

[Scarlet Wind] was but an omen, signifying that destruction has finally come.

Wei Feng looked in the direction of Yancheng and flew over there hastily.

He wanted to save Yancheng, especially Ling Xiaoxiao.

Angel Mall.

In the president’s office, Ling Xiaoxiao received a notice from Wei Feng. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

She noticed that her desk trembled slightly.


In an instant, Angel Mall came crashing down.

A scarlet tentacle rose from the centre of Angel Mall. It was hundreds of metres tall, and swept across its surroundings.

Buildings fell. Chaos erupted.

There was no calling for help.


Wei Feng broke through the city wall’s defences instantly, and arrived at Angel Mall.

Angel Mall was still collapsing.

He saw a figure falling to the ground.


Wei Feng broke the sound barrier, and caught Ling Xiaoxiao before she landed on the ground.

Wei Feng brushed past the scarlet tentacle, and could see it was absorbing scarlet light.

Wisps of energy condensed into the tentacle.


Wei Feng rose to the sky, and used [Abyss Peek].

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Hell’s Pulse

Level: –

Strength: 13500 Ascended Power

Agility: 4100 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 0

Energy: –

From hell?

What’s going on?

It also had a strength value of 13,500 Ascended Power!

Wei Feng frowned, but in the next moment, he widened his eyes, and fled the scene.

The tentacle was drawn to him.


The tentacle narrowly missed Wei Feng, but the city below him was smashed into a deep pit.

This is horrible…

Cold sweat broke out on Wei Feng’s back.

He was almost crushed by that tentacle.

Ling Xiaoxiao’s face was pale, and hugged Wei Feng tightly, “Wei Feng… Yancheng is gone…”

Wei Feng didn’t answer him. He hovered over a safe area and looked at the ruins of the city.

There were more scarlet tentacles destroying the city. In a matter of seconds, the city was reduced to rubble.

Wei Feng understood the implications of [Scarlet Wind].

They were like calves getting fattened up before getting slaughtered.

He frowned.

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