In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 100


Chapter 100: Lord of the Abyss

Yancheng has fallen.

There were only a handful of people who managed to escape. The tentacles were too powerful.

Soon, a sea of ants drowned Yancheng.

He held Ling Xiaoxiao tightly in his arms, and flew with Ying.

They went all the way north, and the entire journey took ten days.

Wei Feng needed to find a safe and secure place to call home.

In the end, they found a place called Sunset Plains, about two hundred miles away from Wind’s Breath Mountains. Wei Feng settled his family down.

The Sunset Plains was in a remote location – 1400 miles from Haicheng to the north, an endless sea 900 miles to the east, and Wind’s Breath Mountains to the south.

Before choosing this place, Wei Feng scouted the area.

The entire Sunset Plains was beautiful – it was also easy to defend and difficult to attack.

This would make a great place. Far from civilization, they will have time to develop quietly, and he could build his own paradise.


Ling Xiaoxiao breathed a sigh of relief as Wei Feng released her.

The little beasts immediately ran on the plain and played around, adding some life to this quiet plain.

Ying instructed the Greater Demons to put down their supplies, and now, they began to organise.

Wei Feng found a suitable place somewhere in the east of the plain and used [Crown of the Red Maple] again.

The small tree grew rapidly into a gargantuan tree.

Because [Crown of the Red Maple] has become an SS-Tier Forbidden Item, the range of his Restricted Area has also increased.

Today, his Restricted Area covers a range of 40,000 yards.

Wei Feng regarded the entirety of the plain as his, however.

After he secured Red Maple, he needed to secure a water source.

Wei Feng took this into consideration when releasing Red Maple by the east.

There was a lake on the east side, and spreads out at least several dozen miles to the east.

After Red Maple, the eastern borders just cover one corner of the lake.

Wei Feng used some Forbidden Energy to reshape the terrain, letting water flow in.


Water flowed in, and the ground was concave. Wei Feng was constantly changing the terrain to suit his needs.

Along the borders of Red Maple, within 40,000 yards, there was a square – the ground recessed ten metres deep and twenty metres wide.

Water flowed to fill the depression, and hence, a natural moat was created.

This process costed 3,000 Forbidden Energy.

Evening came.

A bonfire was raised next to Red Maple, and the aroma of meat wafted in the air.

After ten days of travelling, Ling Xiaoxiao was tired, and fell asleep while laying on a blanket.

Wei Feng pondered at the bonfire.

No matter what is going on in the outside world now, he doesn’t want to be involved in it.

He just wants to build a home of his own. This way, the next time disaster strikes, he won’t have to look around like a bereaved dog.

A prompt suddenly sounded.


[NOTICE: Abyss #4 has opened up, and demons are returning back to Earth.]

[NOTICE: You have completed Mission #1 [Abyss Recovery] – In the endless darkness, the seal of the abyss has been loosened.]

[Requirements Completed: Release 10,000 Demons into the earth.]

[Rewards: Obtain the title of [Lord of the Abyss], +100,000 Forbidden Energy.]

[NOTICE: With the title, demons will no longer attack you, and you gain the ability to recruit demonic creatures.]

Wei Feng sighed, “This is too much.”

“Master, why do you feel emotional?” Lilith comforted.

Wei Feng wrapped his arms around her slender waist, and asked, “Do you regret staying with me?”

Lilith didn’t speak. She simply used her fingers and pinched Wei Feng’s side.


Wei Feng grinned.

“Don’t speak of such nonsense!” Lilith scolded.

The Wolf King wailed as he walked by. “Aw, how nice to have a partner, awoo!”

“Get out of here!”

Wei Feng kicked the Wolf King away.

Now that his [Abyss Recovery] mission was completed, he was happy.

He obtained 100,000 Forbidden Energy from it as well.

Which means he will be able to purchase high-end goods at the palace in his brain.

However, Wei Feng wasn’t in a hurry. He wanted to secure a home first.

His goal was clear – make Sunset Plains his permanent home.

Using Sunset Plains as a foundation, he wanted to build an inner city that is within Red Maple.

He could obtain stones from Wind’s Breath Mountains, but there was clearly a shortage of manpower.

Wei Feng and Ying used [Devil’s Call] to summon more demons.

Early in the morning.

Ling Xiaoxiao eyes were greeted with a light blue sky, and was in a daze.

She was used to waking up to her white ceiling every day. She wasn’t used to this.

However, she didn’t regret anything.

If Wei Feng didn’t rush back to Yancheng to save her, she would have been dead.

Her life belongs to Wei Feng now.

Ling Xiaoxiao simply accepted the change in her life.

Sitting up, she was a little surprise.

When they arrived here last night, it was a simple plain, overgrown with grass.

Now, her surroundings have completed changed.

Alongside the moat that Wei Feng formed, a city wall foundation could be seen.

Not a single weed could be seen either.

Fruit trees were planted neatly by Greater Demons as well.

Ling Wu, Scarlet Flood Dragon, and Wei Feng transported these fruit trees from the Wind’s Breath Mountains.

This filled Ling Xiaoxiao with hope.

This feels no worse than being a president of a city.

Besides, isn’t building your own city with your own hands more fulfilling?

“Hey! Breakfast is here!”

The Snow Wolf came over with a basket in her mouth that contained food.

“Why, thank you!” Ling Xiaoxiao smiled and took the basket.

She mindlessly chewed, wanting to finish breakfast quickly. She intended to join in on helping to build the city.


Ling Xiaoxiao devoured her breakfast, and ran towards Lilith.

“Lilith, allow me to help!”

With Ling Xiaoxiao’s expertise in leading, everything became orderly.

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