In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 101


Chapter 101: Goblin

At the Wind’s Breath Mountains.

Because of its unique terrain, the wind blowing into the mountain will be blocked by a corridor-shaped mountain.

Therefore, the wind won’t be able to flow through.

It’s as if the mountain itself is breathing, so it is called the Wind’s Breath Mountain.

The mountains aren’t small either – it spans nearly a thousand miles to the northwest, and wraps around Sunset Plains like a semicircle.

The mountains are also naturally rich in materials.

Coupled with its remoteness, few people have ventured here, which makes Wind’s Breath Mountains a hidden treasure.

Before dawn, Wei Feng brought the Scarlet Flood Dragon, Ling Wu, Thunder Bird, and other beasts capable of flight into the mountains.

Fruit trees were abundant in the mountains – there weren’t many fruit on each tree, but each fruit was plump, round, and juicy.

Wei Feng ordered Thunder Bird to help move these fruit trees.

Wei Feng was violent in his methods – he excavated around three metres of soil around the fruit trees, and brought both the soil and tree back to Red Maple to replant.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon conjured large clouds to help it transport the fruit trees.

The entire process was quick and efficient – in ten trips, an estimated amount of five hundred fruit trees were replanted in Red Maple.

Later on, Wei Feng added some trees to brighten up the place.

He wasn’t that particular in choosing the trees. He just wanted the place to look good.

By noon, Red Maple was lined with lush, green trees.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon then used its ability [Rainfall] to water the fruit trees.

Wei Feng was overjoyed looking at the scene.

Building your own home with your own hands.

“Don’t forget the stones.”

During lunch, Ling Xiaoxiao reminded Wei Feng.


Wei Feng nodded.

He found that Ling Xiaoxiao was very attentive in helping the construction of Red Maple.

Afternoon came.

Wei Feng took the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Thunder Bird into the mountains again.

Stones were easy to find. There were boulders scattered all over the mountain.

He needed to choose carefully.

He didn’t know how to determine a stone’s quality, so he used a tried-and-true method.

By force!

A good stone can withstand a lot of force.

If a stone doesn’t break easily, then it is a good stone.

After a short scout, he found a blue-coloured stone under a cliff.

The texture of this stone was good. It was sturdier than any stone discovered before.


“Squeak squeak!”

Wei Feng suddenly heard the sounds of rats squeaking coming from above the cliff.

Wei Feng hid himself.

There were rat beasts that resemble people on the cliff.

They stood on their hind legs. They were about a meter high, and their backs have evolved to support them standing upright.

Their front paws resembled human hands, and their arms were long and lined with fur.

Plus, they have modern weapons!

Not just any ordinary weapon…

It wasn’t weapons like wooden sticks and stone hammers, but metal-forged swords and battle axes…

“Master, are they fighting something?” The Scarlet Flood Dragon whispered.

“Let’s take a look,” Wei Feng whispered back.

Wei Feng made Thunder Bird shrink, and all three of them flew up to investigate the scene.

Wei Feng discovered something peculiar.

On the side of the cliff, there was a sunken valley.

There were about a hundred rats lining up and rushing down to attack something.

Trees obscured the valley, so Wei Feng flew lower to investigate.


Explosions could be heard within the valley.

Trees fell down, and Wei Feng saw a mushroom cloud rising.

Wei Feng’s eyes widened.

What’s going on?

Are there humans down there?

That’s a mushroom cloud…

This world discarded explosive weapons in exchange for thermal weapons, but…

…this mushroom cloud is obviously the work of an explosive weapon.

Wei Feng sped past the rat beasts and flew towards the valley.

“Little pests, taste my dynamite!”




The valley was far livelier than he imagined.

Various explosions continued; his ears started to ring.

Besides, he found the way these “humans” spoke was a bit strange.

Wei Feng hid behind a tree and witnessed the scene before him.

Those weren’t humans.

They had pointy ears…

Those were goblins!

They have a stature that of humans, but were only about a metre tall. They had pointy ears and large, bald heads.

They’re fighting the rat beasts for some reason.

He saw goblins carrying explosives to kamikaze themselves into the rats.

However, the rats were agile. This method of attacking only harms them in the long run.

If they’re lucky, they could take a rat down with them.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon whispered, “Master, why don’t these goblins throw the bombs instead?”

Wei Feng: …

Maybe they aren’t smart enough.



Explosions continued.

There was only a dozen of goblins left.

Wei Feng noticed a larger goblin standing by a sloped hole.

The goblin donned leather armor, and his right arm was replaced by a mechanical arm.

Wei Feng lit up.

These goblins are skilled in making machinery!

He used Abyss Peek to peer into the big goblin’s information.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Goblin

Level: Level 1 Ascended

Strength: 53 Ascended Power

Agility: 52 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 155 Ascended Power

Core Abilities: [Building] – Goblins are natural builders, and they possess extraordinary building abilities.

[Manufacturing] – Goblins are naturally talented in crafting, and can make various tools.

[Mining] – With their small bodies and tools, goblins have unique methods in mining.

Exclusive Abilities: [Gunpowder Mania] – Goblins are obsessed with gunpowder. No other creature can understand gunpowder better than them.

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