In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 102


Chapter 102: Special Talents

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

He needs this ability!

Wei Feng leapt out from the tree branch and stopped a goblin from being a kamikaze.

“Stop right there!”

“Don’t be impulsive, I’ll save you!” Wei Feng shouted, grabbing the goblin.

The goblin widened his eyes, and ignited the bomb on him.


Wei Feng couldn’t just let it die.


Wei Feng lifted his hands, and black light shone in his palms. He used magic to remove the bomb from the goblin’s back.

The bomb exploded in the black magic ball, and the goblin was uninjured.


“It’s a human!”

The leader of the rat beasts and goblins exclaimed.

Wei Feng turned to look at the rat beast. It understood human language.

The rat was wearing an armor made of fine steel and held an extra-large hammer in its hand. The two arms lined with grey fur were strong with muscle.

Wei Feng quickly used Abyss Peek onto the rat leader.

Target: Rat Man (Mutant)

Level: Level 1 Ascended

Strength: 99 Ascended Power

Agility: 80 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 51 Ascended Power

Mutated Blood: Rat beasts have evolved to gain human characteristics.

Core Abilities: [Forging] – Rat Men are skilled in forging technology, and can forge various weapons.

[Smelting] – Rat Men can smelt and extract various metals.

Exclusive Abilities: [Metal Mania] – Rat Men are attracted by the sounds of metal clanging. They can mould metal into various different shapes as well.

“My god.”

Wei Feng muttered to himself.

He needed this ability as well.

Wei Feng wondered what made these Rat Men get human characteristics.

It’s somewhat cute.

“Stop fighting, now!” Wei Feng ordered.

He knew it won’t be easy, since there were casualties on both sides.

However, Wei Feng can’t let them fight anymore.

They were too valuable to him.

He needed their abilities.

In order to further improve his Restricted Area!

“Human, are you sure you want to help us?” the goblin leader stepped forward and asked.

“Human, I advise you to mind your own business!” the rat leader threatened.

Wei Feng stood there, motionless. He wasn’t sure what to do to solve this conflict.

He glanced at them left and right, then an idea came to mind.

“Become my royal beasts!” Wei Feng shouted.

There was only one way to resolve this conflict.

He conjured countless summoning symbols into thin air.

The rat leader realised something was amiss, and prepared to pounce on Wei Feng.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon landed right next to the rat leader.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon was about 1.5 metres long, and its claws were extraordinarily powerful. It gently pressed the shoulder of the rat leader, restricting its movement.

Thunder Bird returned to his original form and restrained the goblin leader as well.

Countless summoning symbols flooded the forest. In less than a minute, two primary ten-point star arrays were formed.


The two summoning arrays flew towards the Rat Man and goblin leader.

They couldn’t resist it, either. Wei Feng far surpassed them in power.


[NOTICE: You have obtained the Ascended Royal Beast [Goblin].]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Building], derived from [Goblin].]


[NOTICE: You have obtained the Ascended Royal Beast [Rat Man].]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Forging], derived from [Rat Man].]

As soon as the summoning symbol was branded on their forehead, the Rat Man and Goblin changed their attitudes.

Rat Man: “Put down your weapons! This is our master, and he is great!”

“Take orders from Master from now on!” The Rat Man continued.

The goblin leader cheered, “Master, accept my devour worship! You are the savior of our goblin family and our god!”

Wei Feng: …

This is too much.

Wei Feng was a little helpless, and requested them to tone it down.

“Master, follow me. Our goblin family has stored a lot of metal, and I am willing to give it all to master,” the goblin leader said, leading Wei Feng to a cave. The rat men followed behind excitedly as well.

The goblin leader did not listen to a word Wei Feng said.

Through the shared information chain, however, the goblin leader and rat men leader had no choice but to act this way.

He is great and powerful!

Following the goblins into the cave, Wei Feng’s eyes lit up.

They had built extravagant houses, even if they were inside a cave!

In addition, there were a lot of goblin workers as well.

They had a large population.

The goblin leader took Wei Feng to visit their mines.

It was the first time Wei Feng had witnessed such a scene.

The mine was exceptionally bright – metal stones illuminated the cave with different coloured lights, like a kaleidoscope.

Along the mine, a trolley slides, filled with ore.

Wei Feng was amazed, and the eyes of the Rat Men glimmered.

The goblin leader then took Wei Feng to their warehouse.

It was a cave with a space of about a thousand yards, and it was filled with various ores.

And this is just one of many warehouses.

Wei Feng found that the Rat Men’s eyes were glimmering with the need to obtain these metals and ores.

However, their leader kept them under control.

Wei Feng announced, “Everyone, follow me to Sunset Plains. I require your help to build a city – in the future, that will be our common home.”

The eyes of the goblins flickered with astonishment.

Building magnificent cities have always been the dreams of goblins.

However, because of their race, they were relegated to the underground instead.

Their desire to build great cities has never faded, however.

Now, they have a chance to make this dream come true, and each goblin was filled with hope and excitement.

Wei Feng turned his head to the Rat Men leader, “Why are all of you still standing around, help them to carry the metals! You have to help me build equipment in the future!”

The Rat Men were stunned.

They were overjoyed.

Why were they even attacking the goblins in the first place?

They didn’t know.

There was metal laid out in front of them.

Moreover, their Master stated they could forge equipment for him daily!

This was great!



The group of Rat Men rushed into the warehouse, and held the metal in their arms, fascinated.

The goblins couldn’t wait to push the cart to build the city.

“Hurry! Call all the workers in the mine! We are moving!” the goblin leader announced.

The Rat Men leader also announced, “Go back and call all our tribesmen! We need to carry metal, then go to Master’s city to help build equipment!”

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