In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 103


Chapter 103: The Wind’s Horn

Soon, nearly a hundred rat people entered the mine to move the metals.

Each cart pushed was filled with metal and ores.

Soon, they left party by party.

The team was led by the Scarlet Flood Dragon.

Two hours later, they reached Sunset Plains.

Lilith and Ling Xiaoxiao were unprepared, and quickly dispatched the Greater Demons to help unload the metals.

Ling Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded watching hundreds of trolleys pulling up to Red Maple.

She understood that Wei Feng had something to do with it.

There was just too much metal!

Moreover, there were a lot of precious metals as well.

“Come on and help! There’s still a lot of metal back in the cave, I need some help!” the Scarlet Flood Dragon asked the Wolf King and the others for help, and all of them rushed to the mountain.

The goblin’s transportation was too slow.

Wei Feng used his magic to put a large batch of metals into [Dark Cage], then moved them to Red Maple.

With how strong Wei Feng was, he could lift an entire hill.

This cage can hold half of all the metals in a single warehouse. It only takes Wei Feng a half an hour journey to return.

After an entire morning, all the metal was moved successfully.

Now, they have the expertise and resources required to build a city.

Wei Feng used the cage to obtain a large amount of the bluestone from the mountain, and the construction of the city officially began.

The Rat Men built a furnace to start smelting the metal.

The goblins then planned the construction of the city.

Wei Feng let them handle it. He was only responsible for transporting the materials.

In terms of management, Ling Xiaoxiao has it under control, so he doesn’t need to worry at all.

His strength was put to good use. Within two days, he completed excavated a small portion of Wind’s Breath Mountains.

Five days later.

The entire Sunset Plains had a city wall about two metres high.

The inner city was carefully designed by the goblins to build several palaces.

To build a place, they required a kind of stone, capable of suspending itself in the air.

Fortunately, this type of stone is easily found in Wind’s Breath Mountain.

In the east of the mountains, there is a valley. Above this valley is a floating island, filled with large, floating stones.

However, there is a strange creature residing there, and it cannot be caught by the naked eye.

Wei Feng was curious.

It was boring to carry materials, so he wanted to investigate.

He brought the Night Demon, Xing Xie, and the Beast of Light with him, and they set off to find this floating island.

It only took about an hour to reach the floating island.

Not to mention, this floating island was large.

It was overgrown with trees, so it looked like a floating forest.



Wei Feng soon heard a strange sound.

It sounded like wind, and the cry of a person – it originated from the floating island.

“Master, this sounds familiar!” the Night Demon exclaimed, shrinking itself to a small size, and rested itself on Wei Feng’s left shoulder.

It thought for a moment, then continued, “Master, I know what it is! It’s the Wind’s Horn!”

“The Wind’s Horn?”

Wei Feng looked at the Night Demon curiously.

The other two beasts looked at the Night Demon curiously too.


The Night Demon caught itself, then continued, “I think I know what it is – the Guardian Demon, Ye Lan, told me stories of it! It’s like a guardian for life!”

Wei Feng was a little surprised.

Ye Lan is the Guardian Demon for the Night Demon clan, and was the former guardian for the Dark Elves.

The Night Demon was visibly excited, urging Wei Feng to hurry, while telling Wei Feng information about the horn.

The Wind’s Horn was a sacred weapon of the Dark Elves. In their possession, they were extremely powerful.

One day, however, it disappeared without a trace, and the Dark Elves fell from power.

To this day, not a single Dark Elf has been sighted.

After landing on the floating island, the Night Demon scouted the area.

It shouted, “Finding the Wind’s Horn and reviving the Dark Elves has always been Ye Lan’s wish! I must help him fulfil it!”

Xing Xie and the Beast of Light followed suit.

The floating island was about 30 miles long in diameter. It wasn’t that big – it shouldn’t take that long.

However, Wei Feng found that the sound came from all directions.

This is difficult.

Wei Feng tried to look for it using his enhanced senses, but it was useless.

There’s a special energy that quelled his power here.

Seeing the Night Demon’s unfruitful search, he felt that he needed to bring the Spirit Hog over to help him locate it.

He let the little beasts search, and returned to the Red Maple to retrieve the Spirit Hog.

Two hours later.

Wei Feng returned with the Spirit Hog, but the three little beasts were unfruitful.

It’s up to the Spirit Hog now!

Wei Feng took the Spirit Hog around and let it sense the horn.

Ten minutes later.

At the northeast of the island, the Spirit Hog sensed special energy.

Wei Feng landed with the beasts, and the fur of the Spirit Hog glowed.

There is a black stone tablet.

To be precise, a tombstone.

Wei Feng couldn’t understand the text on the tombstone, but the Night Demon could.

“This is the writings of the Dark Elves… and on the tombstone it writes “Seven Soldiers!”” the Night Demon clarified, visibly surprised.

“If I remember correctly, Ye Lan’s father’s name was Seven Soldiers!” Ye Mo looked at Wei Feng in awe.


The Spirit Hog jumped out of Wei Feng’s grasp and dug under the tombstone.


A beam of light shot out the tombstone, distorting the space around it.

Wei Feng peered into the hole, and found a piece of white jade.

The white jade was about the size of a thumb, and is engraved with dark elf inscriptions.

All right!

The Night Demon was right.

Wei Feng unsummoned the Spirit Hog, and let Xing Xie and Beast of Light dig up the tombstone. A large piece of white jade shone with brilliant light.




The Night Demon looked at the white jade’s inscriptions and recited it.

As it continued to chant the inscriptions, its words took on a form, and floated uo,

Its incantation soon formed a portal.


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