In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 104


Chapter 104: Holy Artifact


The incantations formed a portal.

In the centre of the portal was a curtain of light, connecting to an unknown space.

The Night Demon leapt into the portal with no hesitation.

Wei Feng had no choice but to bring the Beast of Light and Xing Xie in.

In a flash of dazzling light, Wei Feng entered the portal.

The realm was less than 20 square metres. It was empty and barren, save for the dark green horn floating in the middle of the realm.

This must be the Wind’s Horn.

He used Abyss Peek to peer into its information.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Horn of Cenarius

Type: Holy Artifact

Status: Half-sealed

Description: The Horn of Cenarius, also known as the Wind’s Horn, is the sacred relic of the Dark Elves. A single blow of the horn commands the Dark Elves.

Self-Healing: The horn belonged to Cenarius, the God of Life. The horn’s holder increases their own recovery tenfold.

Space: Cenarius defies space and time. The horn itself holds thousands of yards of space.

Passive: Increase the holder’s attributes by 5000 Ascended Power.

Flower of Life has not been activated.

Wither Life has not been activated.

Terminate has not been activated.

Wei Feng: !!

A holy artifact!

Wei Feng widened his eyes. This artifact was beyond his expectations.

At this time, a phantom manifested in front of the horn.

“Who goes there?! You do not possess the blood of Dark Elves, so why are you able to enter this space?” the phantom inquired.

“Wait, you look exactly like Ye Lan!” the Night Demon shouted.

“Ye Lan? My son? Ye Lan? Where is he? Tell me! Where is my son?!” the phantom crazed.

The Night Demon was calm, and took out an item and showed it to the phantom.

It was an arc-shaped jade – dark green in colour, dull, and somewhat broken.

When the phantom saw the jade, it stopped its crazed advances.

Wei Feng noticed the phantom was shedding tears.

“This is my son’s jade! He is still alive! He is alive…” the phantom shouted excitedly.

He then turned to the Night Demon, and said softly, “Your Excellency, how may I help you?”

An hour later.

The Night Demon and the phantom chatted for an hour. Wei Feng and the other beasts simply waited.

He eavesdropped the conversation, and found that the phantom’s name was Ye Hui, who used to be the patriarch of the Dark Elves.

“Thank you!”

Ye Hui thanked the Night Demon, and ended their chat.

Wei Feng peered at them.

Ye Hui placed the horn in the Night Demon’s hands.

Ye Hui warned of the restrictions imposed on the horn.

It was dangerous.

A stranger cannot touch the horn.

Ye Hui needs to lift this specific restriction before others can touch the horn.

After they left the space, the portal disappeared.

The white jade shattered, completely cutting off the connection to the other realm.

“Master, here you go.”

The Night Demon handed the horn to Wei Feng.

Wei Feng didn’t want it, however. “Take it for yourself. I have Power of Control anyways – this way, we both obtain benefits.”

Indeed, if the Night Demon gains a surge in attributes, so will Wei Feng.

This is much stronger than keeping the horn.

“Thank you, master!”

The Night Demon was excited, then dripped its own blood onto the horn, and bound itself to the Wind’s Horn.


A huge amount of power surged into the Night Demon, forming a vortex around him.

The vortex caused the space around it to tremble, and the entire floating island started to tremble as well.


[NOTICE: Your [Night Demon] has absorbed the power of the holy artifact [The Wind’s Horn], and all attributes are +5000.]

[NOTICE: Your [Night Demon] has reached Level 9 Ascended.]

[NOTICE: [Night Demon] activates the core ability [Eclipse].]

[NOTICE: [Night Demon] activates the core ability [In the Night, Demons Come].]

The moment the prompt sounded, huge power surges into Wei Feng’s body.

Under the Wind’s Horn power, the Night Demon levelled up to level 9, and its attributes directly broke through the 7000 value.

Wei Feng’s attributes have also skyrocketed by 3000!

He felt powerful.

[Properties Panel]

The Strongest Beast Master System (Final Version)

Host: Wei Feng

Age: 17

Level: Level 5 Ascended Beast Master

Mana: 51000/51000

Strength: 6370 Ascended Power

Agility: 6710 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 9103 Ascended Power

Energy of the Flesh and Blood: 23%

Power of Control – Ascended: [You share 50% of the Ascended Power of your beasts.]

Cultivation Method: [Secret of Thunder and Moonlight] – Increases all attributes by 1 Ascended Power every three days.

Shared Items: [Dark Codex]

Forbidden Items: Ascended Tier [Silence of the Night] – Night’s Shadow: Shroud yourself to avoid detection.

S-Tier [Ruined Symbols] has been activated.

A-Tier [Wind Watch] has been activated.

S-Tier [Abyss Peek] has been activated. 3 remaining charges.

SS-Tier [Spirit World] has been activated.

S-Tier [Hammer of Tempering] has been activated.

Core Abilities: [Hardened Skin] – Derived from the Ice Giant, resist attacks no more than 50,000 points in strength.

[Source of Strength] – Derived from Dragon Ape, increases strength by 10%.

[Source of Agility] – Derived from Dark Dragon’s Shadow, increase agility by 10%.

[Summon: Wolf King] – Derived from the Wolf King, you can summon x10 Level 1 Ascended Wolves, x100 Level 10 Wolf Kings, x500 Level 9 Silver Moon Sacrifice, x1000 Level 8 Blood Wolf Warriors.

[Transformation] – Derived from the Wolf King, transform into anything in which you can detect the attributes of.

[Source of Electricity] – Derived from Thunder Bird, absorb the surrounding electricity to strengthen the Hammer of Tempering.

[Devil’s Call] – Derived from Dark Dragon’s Shadow, summon demonic creatures to fight by your side (Can be used every twenty-four hours, and minimum summoned is 10.)

[Hunt] – Derived from the Snow Wolf, detect the weaknesses and primal fears of any creatures to deliver a fatal blow.

[Float] – Derived from the Scarlet Flood Dragon, swim in the air as if it’s the ocean.

[Purify] – Derived from Ling Wu, cleanse all negative effects.

[Holy Transformation] – Derived from the Beast of Light, breathe a powerful holy breath, and those affected can transform into anything.

[Critical Attack] – Derived from the Blood Tiger, each attack explodes with double the strength value.

[Hide] – Derived from the Night Demon, completely hide yourself.

[Dragon’s Power] – Increase all attributes by 10%.

[Power of the Dragon Ape] – Increases strength by 10%.

Royal Beasts: Level 3 Spirit Hog

Level 10 Ice Giant

Level 1 Ascended Thunder Bird

Level 2 Ascended Dragon Ape

Level 2 Ascended Dark Dragon’s Shadow

Level 2 Ascended Silver Moon Wolf King

Level 4 Ascended Xing Xie

Level 3 Ascended Snow Wolf

Level 3 Ascended Red Fox

Level 3 Ascended Ling Wu

Level 4 Ascended Blood Tiger

Level 4 Ascended Beast of Light

Level 4 Ascended Scarlet Flood Dragon

Level 7 Ascended Black Tortoise

Level 9 Ascended Night Demon

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