In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 105


Chapter 105: The Palace’s Secret Treasure


In the east of Wind’s Breath Mountains, a floating island drifts slowly in the air.

It may look slow, but it is merely relative to its own size.

And this floating island was moved by Wei Feng and Night Demon.

The goblins and Rat Men witnessing the scene were stunned.

Wei Feng parked the island by the east of Red Maple, then brought Night Demon back into the city.

The goblin leader ran over and shouted, “Master! You are too powerful! How is it possible that you were able to push that island over here?”

“Master, seems like you became stronger! And Night Demon, what did you see?” the Scarlet Flood Dragon inquired.

“I’ll tell all of you later – but for now, let the Night Demon sound the horn!” Wei Feng announced.

The Night Demon equipped the Wind’s Horn.

“Isn’t this… a holy artifact?! How did you get it?!” the Scarlet Flood Dragon asked in shock.


The Night Demon proudly nodded. “This is the sacred weapon of the Dark Elves – the Wind’s Horn! However, for now, it is in a half-sealed state.”

“Half-sealed, you say…”

Some beasts sighed in relief, because the power the Wind’s Horn held had them trembling in awe.

“Quick! Blow the horn!” Wei Feng encouraged.

“Yes, master.”

The Night Demon blew the horn.



The horn was quiet, as if a soft breeze was caressing everyone.


Suddenly, a circle of strong winds formed, with the Night Demon being the Eye of the Storm, spreading out violently.

“Only dark elves would be able to recognise the sound of the horn,” the Night Demon muttered.

Wei Feng was a little confused.

All he could hear was the sound of the wind rushing past him.

A prompt sounded.


[NOTICE: A sacred artifact has caused your Restricted Area to upgrade to a Grade A Restricted Area.]

[NOTICE: Your Restricted Area expands into a range of 80,000 yards.]

[NOTICE: Reward: Forbidden Energy: +100,000]

Wei Feng was surprised by the series of prompts.

He didn’t really care for his Restricted Area being upgraded; he was more excited over the reward.

However, Wei Feng understood why he obtained this much forbidden energy.

It was to further expand his own Restricted Area.

Generally, most beasts don’t have the ability to build, so they can only rely on forbidden energy to help them shape their Restricted Area.

100,000 Forbidden Energy is nothing, really.

With the help of the goblins and the Rat Men, Wei Feng didn’t need to waste this forbidden energy either.

Afternoon came.

Thunder Bird transported a large number of goblins onto the floating island.

There were many trees on the island, and some stones need to be harvested – they also enlisted the help of the demons.

Wei Feng had nothing to do at the moment, so he entered his brain domain and visited the palace in his brain.

The mouse said that as long as he obtained a total of 100,000 Forbidden Energy, the high-end shop will be available to him.

Now, he has more than a hundred thousand.

His current forbidden energy was 318,849.

Three hundred thousand!

He sunk into his brain, and let his manifestation of Spirit Power enter the palace.


As soon as he stepped into the shop, a cheerful voice sounded.

The grey mouse had switched his clothes and is dressed in a luxurious red robe with festivities printed on it, looking very festive.

“Is it already Christmas?” Wei Feng smiled.

The grey mouse simply chuckled and said, “How is it? Do I look festive enough? I only wear this for the most honourable guests!”

Wei Feng glanced around the store, and found that there were much fewer shelves in the palace.

He confirmed, “Remember you promised me 30% discount last time?”


“Of course!”

The mouse immediately nodded, then gestured at the shelves, “Why don’t you take a quick look around the store? I got pretty good stuff for you, and there’s a special item that’s surprisingly cheap – just for you!”

“Oh?” Wei Feng looked at the mouse curiously.

“You’ll know it when you see it,” the mouse chuckled.

“How mysterious,” Wei Feng said sarcastically.

He walked over to the shelf holding some potions:

Spiritual Stimulant – Price: 1000 Forbidden Coins

Levelling Elixir – Price: 3000 Forbidden Coins

Forbidden Item Enhancer – Price: 5000 Forbidden Coins

All these potions were very useful.

Especially the levelling elixir and forbidden item enhancer – they are exactly what Wei Feng needs.

The levelling elixir can help an Ascended Beast Master to hit Level 10 easily.

The same is true for the Forbidden Item enhancer.

However, Wei Feng noticed some disclaimers written under the potions.

Excessive use can lead to potion resistance.

For example, when taking the levelling elixir, you would be able to level up a single level, but the effect will weaken with each dose.

“Let’s see what else there is…”

He wasn’t in a hurry to buy the potions anyways.

There were three eggs on another shelf, and a red egg caught Wei Feng’s attention.

Written under the eggs:

Ancient Magic Ape Egg – Price: 10,000 Forbidden Coins

Pegasus Egg – Price: 30,000 Forbidden Coins

Phoenix Egg – Price: 50,000 Forbidden Coins

A phoenix egg!

Wei Feng read the egg’s information, and found that it came from the same Ancient Beast bloodline that the Black Tortoise has!

“I want this.”

Wei Feng pointed at the egg.


The mouse had already prepared its ladder, and climbed on it to obtain the egg.

“That one too!” Wei Feng pointed.

He figured that he could use the Pegasus as a mount.


The mouse grabbed the two eggs for Wei Feng and put it in his shopping basket.

“Why don’t you look over at that shelf?” the mouse gestured.

“I promise you – it’s a good item.”

Wei Feng nodded, becoming curious.

What could the item possibly be for the mouse to be promoting it?

It must be powerful!

He trailed behind the mouse until they came to the last shelf, and there was only a single item on the shelf.

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