In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 106


Chapter 106: Identity Selection

Looking at the item, Wei Feng was a bit surprised.

It looked like a child’s toy – it was a glass ball holding grey energy.

There were numbers flickering from one to nine in the grey cloud of energy.

What could it be?

Wei Feng peered at the item’s info:

Data Energy – Price: 200,000 Forbidden Coins.

Function: Prepares the digitalisation of the world.

Explanation: A key component to the [Data Heart] – within three years of the initial digitalisation of the world, if the Data Heart is activated, the world will be completely digitalised.

What’s the meaning of this?

Digitalising the world…?

Wei Feng looked at the mouse doubtfully.

He didn’t really want to know the implications behind this item.

Besides, it is incredibly expensive – 200,000 Forbidden Coins, and it is merely a component of a bigger item.

“You seem confused – do you think this item has absolutely nothing to do with you?” the mouse inquired.


Wei Feng nodded.

This item had no use to him.

The mouse smiled, “Well, buy it, and you’ll find out!”

“Buy what?”

Wei Feng replied.

The mouse: …

The mouse knew Wei Feng was playing dumb because he didn’t want to buy it.

“Just buy it! Do as I say!”

It then pointed at the Data Energy item and said, “This may be a component of the [Data Heart], but you need it to obtain other items as well!”

Wei Feng: …

Wei Feng understood what the mouse was getting at.

He knew that the mouse really wanted to sell this item.

Fine then.

“I’ll buy it, but you have to give me a discount – 50% off, or no deal,” Wei Feng bargained.

The mouse didn’t hesitate and replied, “Deal!”

Wei Feng: …

It was that easy?

Just like that, the Data Energy was sold.

There has to be a catch to this item.

Wei Feng glanced weirdly at the mouse.

“Believe me – this item will bring you unimaginable benefits,” the mouse said cryptically.


It was already purchased anyways.

However, he wanted to bargain for his other items some more.

After fierce bargaining, the mouse relented, offering to give a 10,000 discount if he buys 100,000 worth of items.

All right!

Wei Feng was satisfied with this deal.

He bought a lot of levelling elixirs and forbidden item enhancers, and used only 150,000 Forbidden Energy.

Wei Feng exited the palace and left his brain domain, and a prompt sounded immediately.


[NOTICE: [Data Energy] has been obtained.]

[NOTICE: A unique quest has been activated – [Reset the World].]

What the hell?

Wei Feng quickly opened his task panel.

[Task Panel]

[Reset the World] – This world has already shown signs of digitalisation, and resetting this world is the only way to save this world.

Quest Requirements: Obtain a component of the [Data Heart].

Reward: New Identity x1

“Master, what did you get?”

Lilith was surprised seeing the pile of things next to Wei Feng.

Wei Feng quickly stood up and hid the Data Energy behind his back, “I got us some potions – ask the beasts to come over and use two potions each.”

“Alright, I’ll bring them over,” Lilith replied.

The Data Energy floated gently on Wei Feng’s hand.


[NOTICE: Do you want to release Data Energy?]



The orb swelled in Wei Feng’s hands, and dissipated into a burst of fluorescent light.

[NOTICE: You have unleashed [Data Energy], and it will take effect in 30 minutes.]

Wei Feng raised his head and looked at the dissipated light, like a dying firefly.

He then noticed an exceptionally bright light flying straight towards him, penetrating his body.


[NOTICE: You have completed [Reset the World].]

[NOTICE: You have unleashed Data Energy.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained x1 New Identity.]

[NOTICE: The identities are being generated, please wait.]

[NOTICE: Identities have been generated.]

Wei Feng found that another panel has appeared.

[Identity Panel] – Below are the generated identities for the new world:

The Biggest BOSS;

The Hidden;

The Mastermind.

1: If you select [The Biggest BOSS] identity, you will become the most powerful person in the new world.

You will obtain a random Holy Artifact.

Core Ability: [Summon] – As the most powerful entity, you can summon once a day. The summoned entity is a random creature and is at least two levels lower than yourself.

2: If you select [The Hidden] identity, you will obtain the [Secret] title in the new world.

You will obtain a random Holy Artifact and two random Demigod Artifact.

Core Ability: [Secret] – With the [Secret] identity, you will gain high amounts of attribute growth. Increase all attributes by 1% per day.

Note: Entities holding the [Secret] identity will be universally hated by every creature, and this feeling of hatred is doubled when encountering [The Biggest BOSS].

3: If you select [The Mastermind] identity, you will gain the [Stalker] title in the new world.

You will obtain three random artifacts.

Core Ability: [Grant] – You can grant any identity to a living unit in a specific space – any unit that obtains an identity will be blessed with attributes and abilities.

Note: You will be bound to this world forever. If the world dies, you will die with it.

Wei Feng was shocked.

It’s simple, kind of.

He obtained the choice to assume three diabolical identities.

He didn’t know what the world would be like in the Digital World, but he was sure of one thing – these three identities will be the core of the new world.

[The Biggest BOSS] seems to be the easiest choice.

[The Hidden] is interesting – if one can evade and hide from the world for a long time, they will be invincible sooner or later.

[The Mastermind]…

Wei Feng was a little unsure. Compared to the previous two identities, this identity had uncertainties tied to it, because the items obtained are all random, and they are bound to this world forever.

However, Wei Feng felt that this identity is the identity that will truly conquer the new world.

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