In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 107


Chapter 107: The Mastermind

“I choose [The Mastermind]!”

Wei Feng chose the third identity.

His intuition told him to do so.

His intuition tells him that this identity had to be the best one of the three, especially considering that core ability.


[NOTICE: You have successfully selected [The Mastermind] identity.]

[NOTICE: Your items are being generated…]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the Holy Artifact [Space-Time Domain].]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the Holy Artifact [Specific Rules].]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the Demigod Artifact [Infinite Resurrection.]

“Oh my god.”

Hearing the prompts, Wei Feng gasped in shock.

Sure enough, his intuition was correct.

His three artifacts plopped right beside him.

But at this time, another beep sounded.


[NOTICE: You have chosen [The Mastermind] identity. Hence, [The Biggest BOSS] and [The Hidden] identities will be randomly distributed.]

[NOTICE: The identities have been randomly distributed, and they will be hostile to you.]


Seems like the system has arranged two enemies for him.

“Master, they’re all here- Master! What is the meaning of this?!” Lilith came over and shouted in shock seeing the items beside Wei Feng.

“It’s a Holy Artifact!”

Wei Feng answered, and continued, “This world is about to change completely.”

“Master, what are you talking about?” the Scarlet Flood Dragon swam in the air with excitement.



Xing Xie, the Beast of Light, and the others came too.

Wei Feng ordered them to consume two levelling elixirs each.

The effect will be maximised if they use two each.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon, the Beast of Light, and the other Divine Beasts bloodline beasts can level up through Level 2 to reach Level 4, while the Red Fox and Snow Wolf etc. can break through Level 3 to reach Level 5.



At this time, the two eggs that Wei Feng purchased started to hatch.

In ten minutes, a snow-white foal leapt out of the egg.

The foal was snow-white, with a pair of flawless wings on its back and neck.

Aside from the wings, it was similar to a normal horse.

Wei Feng smiled in satisfaction, and drew the summoning mark for it.


[NOTICE: You have obtained the Ascended Royal Beast [Pegasus].]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Pure Heart], derived from [Pegasus].]

The Pegasus was already at Level 3 Ascended, and Wei Feng used the elixirs to level it up to Level 5 Ascended.

As it took the elixir, its body grew, and it is now much taller than ordinary horses.

The Phoenix was also hatching, and Wei Feng used the summoning symbol to mark it as his own.


[NOTICE: You have obtained the Ascended Royal Beast [Phoenix].]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Flame], derived from [Phoenix].]


Crimson flames suddenly erupted from Wei Feng’s body, enveloping him in fire.

The temperature of the flames was extremely high, and the other beasts were so frightened that they had to take a few steps back.

Wei Feng, however, felt extremely warm.

It wasn’t the scorching heat that you’d encounter in the desert, but a comforting heat that warms the body in a cold night,

“Chirp chirp!”

Black substance floated out of Wei Feng’s body, and formed the Phoenix itself.

This surprised Wei Feng.

It felt like his body was strengthened several times by the flames of the Phoenix – his body was slightly tanned due to the heat, but it was chiselled to perfection.


The Phoenix chirped and perched itself on Wei Feng’s board shoulders.


The flames persisted by Wei Feng, continuing to mould his body to perfection.



Wei Feng felt like he was being grilled alive by this scorching heat.

However, he didn’t feel like anything was wrong. Instead, he felt comforted by this heat.

The flames persisted for another five minutes.


[NOTICE: The Phoenix has blessed you with its fire, and your attributes have increased by 500 Ascended Power.]

[NOTICE: Phoenix’s [Nirvana] has been unlocked.]


The Phoenix chirped on his shoulder; its feathers bright with pride.

[Royal Beast Panel]

Royal Beast: Phoenix (Ancient Divine Beast]

Level: Level 7 Ascended

Attribute: Fire

Strength: 1320 Ascended Power

Agility: 1520 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 1730 Ascended Power

Ancient Bloodline: Level up to gain additional bonus attributes.

Exclusive Ability: [Nirvana] – The Phoenix can continuously use [Nirvana] to improve its bloodline’s power.

Core Ability: [Flame] – Burn everything.

[Blade of Fire] – Using fire, conjure a blade of fire. In addition to a burning effect, deal damage equal to twice your Spirit Power.

[Rain of Fire] has not been activated.

[Explosion] has not been activated.

[Fire Spirit] has not been activated.

[Purgatory – Lake of Fire] has not been activated.

[End Times – the Shape of Fire] has not been activated.

Hidden Ability: [Ancient Four – Phoenix] has not been activated.

Compared to its brother [Black Tortoise]’s defensive abilities, the [Phoenix] was focused on its offensive abilities.

Looks like he already obtained two of four ancient beasts.


[NOTICE: Data Energy has taken effect.]

[NOTICE: The initial digitalisation of the world has begun.]

[NOTICE: This world has connected with the plane named [Earth], and a connection has been established.]

[NOTICE: The data sync between the two worlds have been completed, and the first batch of people will appear in twelve hours.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained a mission – [Data Heart].]

[REMINDER: You have now assumed [The Mastermind] identity.]

[NOTICE: A special space has been formed.]

[NOTICE: A connection between worlds has been completed.]


The prompts kept ringing in his head, and Wei Feng was overwhelmed by the information.

“What’s happening?”

“Wait, Master! This is the Power of the Source!”


The Scarlet Flood Dragon continued to shake Wei Feng.

This Data Energy… what is it?


[NOTICE: You can now use [Space-Time Domain].]

[NOTICE: You can now use [Specific Rules].]

[NOTICE: You can now use [Infinite Resurrection].]


Red Maple was shaken asunder.

The formation of the items was too brilliant.

The items descended from the sky, and unknown plants grew one after another in the void, surrounding the three objects, like angels.

Everyone was speechless.

The surroundings were splendid with power.

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