In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 108


Chapter 108: Countdown

Plants grew rapidly in the void.

Wei Feng understood that the Demigod artifact was causing this growth.

A Divine Artifact is obviously stronger than a Holy Artifact – although this was a Demigod artifact, its power was unimaginable.

The attributes of the items were then revealed:

Item: Space-Time Domain

Tier: Holy Artifact

Attributes: Time, Space

Range: 100,000 yards.

Function: Create a domain with an area of 100,000 yards, and everything in this domain will be controlled by the owner of this device.

Note: This domain only applies to living things with attributes below 50,000.

Item: Specific Rules

Tier: Holy Artifact

Attribute: None

Range: 100,000 yards

Function: Create specific rules within a range of 100,000 yards. All living things within this area must abide by these rules.

Note: These rules only apply to living things with attributes below 50,000 Ascended Power.

Item: Infinite Resurrection

Tier: Demigod

Attribute: Chaos

Range: 100,000 yards

Function: Grants infinite resurrection to any target within 100,000 yards.

Note: This item only applies to living things below the rank of God-level.

Wei Feng: …!

Looks like these items must be used together.

With these items, wouldn’t he be god within a range of 100,000 yards?

This power is crazy.

“Master, we have all obtained the Power of the Source!” the Scarlet Flood Dragon danced.

Wei Feng finally understood what the Scarlet Flood Dragon was shouting about – it is the digitalised world taking effect.

In a digitalised world, the power of the source is Data.

For example, the stone next to Wei Feng has specific data now.

The attributes of the Scarlet Flood Dragon have also undergone some changes.

It now displayed health points.

This is the digitalisation of the world. Wei Feng thought it was like a game, even.

Wei Feng didn’t know the implications of this, however. He didn’t mind that much though; the changes have already happened. He only has to adapt.

At this time, several panels appeared in his brain.



Blue-eyed Ghost King: God-tier (Seven Stars)

Angel of Holy Light: God-tier (Seven Stars)

Juggernaut: God-tier (Seven Stars)

Lei Shi: God-tier (Six Stars)

He didn’t understand these panels.

He was a little confused.

“Are these the first batch of people about to arrive here?” Wei Feng muttered to himself.

In a previous prompt, it said that a plane named [Earth] has overlapped with this world, and a connection has been established between both worlds.

Wei Feng was a little anxious, because he knew that he was originally from that world, he also knew that everyone on Earth didn’t have a concept of levels.

He wasn’t that worried, though. After all, he was forcibly ejected into this world earlier than them, and he has obtained [The Mastermind] identity in this world!

Being the Mastermind…

…means that he has total control over those people who were about to come!


Wei Feng giggled, then opened his other unopened panels.

Missions: [Data Heart] – Unleash the true core of Data Energy to complete the full digitalisation of this world.

Requirements: Collect 1 million Forbidden Energy, and craft a Data Heart and release it.

Rewards: x1 Artifact, x3 Single-use Data Modifier.

Other Missions: [Competition] – The Restricted Area competition launched by the #1 Restricted Area [Eternal Restricted Area].

Requirements: Participate and enter the top ten.

Rewards: x2 SSSS-Tier Forbidden Items, +100,000 Forbidden Energy.

The rewards for the first mission was exciting!

However, obtaining a million Forbidden Energy… what a joke!

He shook his head and looked at the last unopened panel.

COUNTDOWN: 11:32:15.

Several locked panels were also present.

He can’t open the panels yet, though. He has to wait for the people from [Earth] to arrive to open them.

And it seems like they will arrive in eleven hours.

Wei Feng could do nothing but wait.

He wasn’t threatened by them anyways.

The only thing he needs to look out for is [The Hidden] identity – if left unchecked, [The Hidden] could become invincible, so it is necessary to seek out this person in advance.

Evening came.

Wei Feng and Lilith sat under the Red Maple tree.

The moon was extraordinarily bright – its light illuminating Red Maple.

“Wei Feng! We got electricity!” Ling Xiaoxiao could be heard shouting from a distance – suddenly, rays of light emitted from the centre of the city, dispelling the darkness.

The goblin leader started to build circuit facilities yesterday. Utilising Thunder Bird’s manipulation of electricity, they no longer have to worry about power supplies.

The city lights came on one by one, soon illuminating the entirety of Red Maple.

This was the first ray of light in Red Maple.

Late at night, Wei Feng sneaked out.

Red Maple was silent.

He sat cross-legged on a large rock and waited.

COUNTDOWN: 00:00:10










Wei Feng watched the countdown.

When the last second turned to zero, the world trembled.


Wei Feng looked up at the sky – countless beams of light fell from the sky, like a meteor shower.

“What’s going on?”

“What happened? Why did I feel the earth shake?”

The Night Demon sat beside Wei Feng, its face raising with confusion.

“It’s alright, not anyone we need to worry about,” Wei Feng smiled, patting the Night Demon on the head.

“Master, you seem to know what’s happening,” the Night Demon asked.

Wei Feng smiled, looking at the meteor shower, “You’re right. No one knows what’s happening now better than me.”

“I see.”

Wei Feng sighed, and said with emotion, “After all, I come from that world.”


Ten minutes after the prompt, there was silence.

After the beams of light landed, all was silent.

It wasn’t until later that Wei Feng discovered that a panel named the World Panel appeared, and another panel named World Channel was within it.

“Where am I? I was just sleeping at home, where are we?!”

Wei Feng: !

This was a global chatroom!

“Oh my god, where are we?! Are we in a different world? Help me! There’s a five-metre-tall creature in front of me!”

“”Is this a game world? I just pinched myself, and it hurts!”

“We need to locate each other! Where is everyone?”

“Pay attention! This world is hostile! I just saw someone get eaten alive!”

“Is it true?!”

“I want to go home… I want my mom!”

Various voice messages sounded in the World Channel, and Wei Feng’s heart became restless.

He sent a message into the World Channel.

“Hello, everyone.”

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