In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 109


Chapter 109: A Game

“Hello, everyone.”

He sent a message, but it was quickly drowned out by the spam of messages.

The World Channel was filled with messages – some were calling for help, some were looking for their loved ones – all these messages rushed past each other.

Wei Feng didn’t really care. He wanted to send a message to taunt them, but was satisfied after knowing that he could send messages to them.

The world changed overnight.

In addition to the people from [Earth], some channels in other planes were also unlocked. The god-tier creatures that were on Wei Feng’s panel set food into this world, bringing irreversible changes.

Wei Feng’s system didn’t issue any prompts to notify him of this, though.

Early in the morning.


[NOTICE: You have obtained Daily Tasks.]

Wei Feng jerked awake.

Wei Feng absentmindedly opened his task panel.

Seems like he obtained a daily task.

[Daily Task]: [Daily Trials] – Create a special space and create rules within this space. When any living thing dies in this space, gain forbidden energy.

Requirements: Create a special space akin to a “game world”, and kill at least 100 entities in this space.

Restrictions: You cannot interfere with this space directly, and you can only use creatures below Level 3.

Rewards: Forbidden Energy +10,000.

Failure of mission deducts 10,000 Forbidden Energy instead.

Remaining time: 23:59:02

“Daily tasks? Ah…”

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

What the hell is this?

It was enough that he obtained some daily obligations, but now there’s a penalty for failure?

And he can’t directly interfere with that space either.

He thought for a bit – isn’t this just a way to train those people from Earth?

Wei Feng narrowed his eyes in thought.

So, this special space he’s creating is merely a trial ground for those people?

And it must be similar to a game world, too.

Wei Feng felt that things weren’t as simple as before.

But now, he has a daily task to complete, and he didn’t want to get a deduction in forbidden energy.


At the very least, he learnt from the World Channel that the people from Earth are unable to die.

That must be the work of [Infinite Resurrection].

After a living thing dies in a specific area of 100,000 yards, they will be resurrected without any loss.

He explained the situation briefly to Lilith, then left Red Maple alone.

With his current tasks, his beasts would be of no use to him. 

Besides, now that Red Maple was under construction, the goblins and Rat Men needed a lot of manpower.

He flew all the way north.

On a plain about two thousand miles north of Red Maple, a space was formed.

It was known as the Novice Village, and it was a shelter for those who were forced into this world last night.

Two hours later, Wei Feng arrived.

He saw a wall of energy surrounding the plain.

This energy wall is able to block any creature above Level 3 from entering.

He approached the energy wall and saw houses on the plain, and a large number of “players” walked through the energy wall to hunt for wild boards and other beasts for food.

Wei Feng sneaked by and touched the energy wall, but a prompt sounded.


[NOTICE: You cannot enter. However, you may enter as an NPC.]

Alright then.

He agreed to the conditions.

Energy burst out from the wall and enveloped Wei Feng.


[NOTICE: Please give your NPC Identity a name.]

“Handsome Feng!” Wei Feng said.


[NOTICE: Name choosing is successful. An NPC Identity has been generated.]

[NOTICE: You gain the ability to post tasks.]

[NOTICE: You gain the ability to [Create].]

Wei Feng was surprised that he really became an NPC.

The ability to post missions allows him to pin mission on the World Channel, which all players can access.

[Create] would be useful too – he can use mana or Forbidden Energy to create anything in the village, including living things!

He was filled with curiosity and anticipation, and entered the village.

“Xiaoqiu, run! There’s a wild boar there!”

“Ah! It hurts, Ergou, what are you doing?! Take care of this wild boar for me! I need to level up so I can fight these creatures!”


Not far away, he could see four young people hunting a wild boar.

The wild boar was barely Level 1, but it made these people struggle.

He walked to a house not far away, observing the people within.

All of the people in the house were full of passion – they were teaming up to fight monsters and improve their strength, like guild members in a game teaming up to fight mythical beasts.

He sneaked away from the crowd, and used [Create] to summon some Level 1 creatures.

Name: Ghost Wolf

Experience Points: 50

Drops: 50% Chance to drop Wolf Teeth.

Summon: 20

Distance: 200 yards

He used 200 mana to summon twenty ghost wolves, and each wolf was 200 yards away from each other.

He went straight to a cozy cottage and sat down, then pinned a task on the World Channel.

[Collect Wolf Teeth] – A group of ghost wolves have appeared in the woods in the North. Kill them to obtain their teeth.

Requirements: Collect two wolf teeth.

Rewards: +100 EXP, +1 Spiked Sword

As soon as the mission got pinned, the World Channel was flooded with messages.

“Oh my god, a mission!”

“I told you we were forced into a game world, and you didn’t believe me!”

“A sword! Guys! We can obtain equipment from this quest, quick!”

“Let’s get it!”

Almost everyone in the village rushed to the north.

Wei Feng grinned.

He needed to fatten up his calves.

The reason why he made some Level 1 Ghost Wolves were to give hope to the people.

Some may succeed and gain some rewards, while some may die.

Five minutes later.

Messages flooded the World Channel.

“Damn it, these wolves are too strong!”

“It killed me with a single paw!”

“Did anyone kill the wolves yet?”

“Yes! A ten-person team teamed up to kill two wolves, and some people are exchanging their equipment for wolf teeth!”

“How can anybody kill such a strong creature?”

“We need to form a team!”

Looking at the messages, Wei Feng grinned.

He was already at the half-way mark of his daily sacrifices.

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