In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 110


Chapter 110: The Data Heart

“I’m done!”

A teenager walked into the cottage and handed Wei Feng two wolf teeth.

“Ah, how great of you to complete the task! Here is your reward,” Wei Feng smiled as he waved his palm. A beam of light shone on the boy, and a sword appeared in the boy’s palm.

This [Create] ability is really useful.

An hour later.


[NOTICE: You have completed your daily mission.]

He smiled.

This way, he can obtain +10,000 Forbidden Energy daily.

This exchange was great.

For 10,000 Forbidden Energy, all he needed to do was expend a little of his mana.

Besides, mana can be recovered with no repercussions.

Wei Feng got up and left the cottage.

He wasn’t really in the mood to deal with these rookies 24/7.

He decided to let them cultivate on their own and develop their Novice Village.

He returned to Red Maple, and took the Night Demon, the Phoenix, the Black Tortoise and other royal beasts and left again.

There was still another uncompleted task.

That task was to enter the Restricted Area leaderboards!

When you destroy a Restricted Area and obtain the Forbidden Item bound to it, you can use that Forbidden Item and let your own Restricted Area absorb its energy.

Wei Feng intends to challenge a top ten Restricted Area and plunder their Forbidden Item.

If it wasn’t for the rewards, he wouldn’t be willing to perform such a murderous feat.

Evening soon came, and he finally arrived at the Grade SSS Restricted Area.


The city of Twilight looked dilapidated and run down – there was not a single trace of light anywhere and was unusually quiet.

Wei Feng had already done preliminary research on Twilight.

The creatures within Twilight were all undead – afraid of fire, afraid of light.

And the owner of this Restricted Area was only a Level 9 Ascended entity. There shouldn’t be any problem.


He summoned his Phoenix, Beast of Light, Black Tortoise, and other divine beasts.

“Do your worst.”

Wei Feng waved his hand. Gently.


Crimson flames spat out of the Phoenix’s mouth instantly, illuminating Twilight with scorching heat.

Holy light fell from the sky and smote the entirety of Twilight with brilliant white light.

It was like a nuke.


A roar sounded from a distance.

Wei Feng could see a creature shrouded in darkness – it was only bone, and its rotten wings flapped with mould.

This must be the owner of Twilight – a Level 9 Ascended Undead Bone Dragon!


The little Phoenix flew forward.

After using the levelling elixir, the tiny Phoenix was already Level 9 Ascended.


Bright flames erupted, and the black shroud enveloping the dragon was dispelled immediately.

The dragon was no match for the phoenix.

After three bursts of flame, the dragon disintegrated into a pile of ash and fell to the ground.


[NOTICE: You have killed the owner of Twilight. Gain +100,000 Forbidden Energy.]

A prompt sounded, surprising Wei Feng.

By just killing the owner of a Restricted Area, he gains a hundred thousand Forbidden Energy.

He should be able to obtain a million in no time.

He swept across Twilight, leaving no mercy for any inhabitants – he obtained more than fifty thousand Forbidden Energy massacring the entire city.

And this wasn’t counting the forbidden item bound to Twilight, too.

This really is too easy.

Wei Feng retrieved the Forbidden Item bound to the area, but did not plan to go back to Red Maple immediately.

He intends to destroy another Grade SSS Restricted Area, so he could reach a million Forbidden Energy.

Now, his total Forbidden Energy is more than 300,000.

Wei Feng discovered that absorbing a bound Forbidden Item can increase at least 300,000 Forbidden Energy, too.

He immediately flew towards the nearest Grade SSS Restricted Area.

Two hours later.

Wei Feng arrived at another Restricted Area.

This was the Top 7th Restricted Area, known as the City of the Sky.

They were no match for Wei Feng, and fell within an hour.

He massacred some creatures of the Restricted Area and left.

Now, he has 511,409 Forbidden Energy.

Just over half a million.

He rushed back to Red Maple, and arrived at dawn.

His daily tasks were refreshed.

Same like yesterday, he had to kill 100 players.

He wasn’t in a hurry to do so, however, and let Red Maple absorb the two Forbidden Items he plundered.


The entire process lasted ten minutes.


[NOTICE: [Crown of the Red Maple] has reached SSS-Tier.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained +615,000 Forbidden Energy.]

Six hundred thousand!

Wei Feng’s Restricted Area immediately shot up the leaderboards, right below the Eternal Restricted Area.

After his Restricted Area hit the SSS Grade, the range expanded.

It expanded through the entirety of Sunset Plains, and the lake to the east and part of Wind’s Breath Mountains was affected by Red Maple.

After a short rest, Wei Feng started to form [Data Heart].

He couldn’t directly purchase it from the mouse, since he needed to use Forbidden Energy to condense it – otherwise, he would have begged the mouse for a discount.


Wei Feng condensed the Forbidden Energy using Red Maple as a conduit, and a terrifying scene occurred.

The sky above them seemed to collapse – countless cracks cracked in the sky, and a strange light, accompanied by unknown energy fell, like a waterfall.

The Tree was bathed in the strange light – each branch and leaf was growing in size, the branches expanded.


Light condensed in a single point.

It distorted the space around it, like a singularity.

In the void, unknown lights stretched out, converging on the singularity.

Wei Feng was full of anticipation.

A prompt finally sounded.


[NOTICE: You have obtained [Data Heart.].

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