In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 111


Chapter 111: The Eternal Summoner

As soon as the prompt sounded, a grey energy ball manifested in front of Wei Feng.

The energy ball was like a heart, beating rhythmically.

With each beat, the space around it vibrates.

Wei Feng reached out his hand and touched the ball, and another prompt sounded.


“I accept.”


With his consent, the energy ball collapsed instantly, dissipating into smoke and disappearing into the air.

The process was eerily simple, subverting his expectations – there wasn’t any earth-shattering noise, nor was there anything grand to witness.


[NOTICE: You have completed the [Data Heart] quest.]

[NOTICE: You have successfully released [Data Heart].]

[Rewards: x1 Artifact, x3 Single-use Data Modifier]


In an instant, a lightning bolt struck down in front of Wei Feng.

Unknown energy formed in front of Wei Feng – the energy was surrounded by sparks of electricity, and lightning continued to bombard in front of him.

Thunder continued to roar, shaking the Earth.

The lightning repeatedly struck in front of Wei Feng, as if it was establishing a physical connection, connecting the sky to the ground.

“This must be the artifact forming,” Wei Feng thought.

Wei Feng shielded everyone behind him to prevent accidental injury from the lightning.

In addition, Wei Feng could feel there were three additional items forming in his Brain Domain.

This must be the single-use data modifier.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Data Modifier

Nature: Single-use

Function: Modify the world’s data once within a range of 100,000 yards.

Note: The modified data will be recorded within the world, and the modifier must bear the changes to the world.

Modifying the world’s data…

Wei Feng was shocked at this powerful ability.

Originally, he thought that it was simply used to modify a local area’s data, but he didn’t expect to be able to modify the entire world’s data.

In this case, wouldn’t he be able to erase some people’s existence?

Wei Feng trembled with power.

This is horrible!

The description mentioned that the modifier must bear the consequences as well, so it is best to not use it unless he really needs to.

The stronger the ability, the bigger the consequences.


Now, the artifact was fully formed in front of Wei Feng.

Wei Feng had some doubts when peering into the artifact’s information.

[Eternal Summoner]?

What is this artifact?

Wei Feng quickly probed the function of the artifact.

Name: Eternal Summoner

Type: Artifact

Attribute: None

Owner’s Attribute Bonus: 10,000 Ascended Power

Function: Summon a random true divine beast to aid you in battle.

Note: The summoned beast is not permanent, and the duration for the summon depends on the summoner’s Spirit Power.


A divine beast?

Wei Feng was curious.

He gave it a try.


With Wei Feng’s words, a shadow immediately loomed over Red Maple.

Every single living thing within Red Maple shuddered with fear, as if death itself had approached.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but look up and saw a figure standing by the city wall in the inner city.

The figure was shrouded in darkness – he couldn’t tell what the figure looked like?

Wei Feng widened his eyes at the realization.

Is this his summoned beast?

Wei Feng let out a shaky breath.

He waved his arm, and found out that he could control the mysterious figure.

This must be the Eternal Summoner’s doing.

Wei Feng was a little excited, and commanded the figure to attack a big mountain.

The figure turned around, and in an instant, phased to the specified mountain almost instantly.


With a single punch, the mountain was nowhere to be seen.

Wei Feng was dumbfounded.

This beast is too powerful!

To the point where the mountain was completely gone!

Seeing this, Wei Feng was ecstatic.

He probed the beast’s information.

It’s too strong!

Its full attributes were more than 100,000 Ascended Power, and its core abilities were even more mind-blowing.

Looks like he can also summon it as long as 30 minutes.

This beast is invincible!

Wei Feng unsummoned the beast, so that the cooldown would be shortened.

The normal cooldown is 12 hours, but now, it takes only 2 hours.

After completing his [Data Heart] quest, he took a break.

In the afternoon, he went to the Novice Village again, since he had to complete his daily tasks.

He didn’t want to lose Forbidden Energy.

Once he entered the Novice Village, he was surprised to see that the strength of the villagers has increased extremely fast!

Some villagers have already reached Level 7!

It’s kind of scary.

It’s only been less than a day, and they have already reached that height.

Wei Feng used [Summon: Wolf King] to summon many wolf beasts, and completed his daily task with ease.

He soon discovered a problem.

The problem: These villagers are growing strong too fast.

Seems like each of them has their own unique system, similar to his.

Besides, they can’t die either. Many of the villagers treated this world like a game, and took many risks for greater rewards.

He returned to Red Maple and informed Lilith and Ling Xiaoxiao about this.

They discussed the matter for a bit, and came to the conclusion that it was a good thing.

Red Maple was far from civilization and developing rapidly – they simply needed a force that can rise rapidly to attract the attention of major forces in this world and get the attention off themselves.

This way, Red Maple can develop peacefully.

“I guess both of you are right.”

Wei Feng thought it was reasonable too, since he simply wanted some place to call home.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon swam over and said excitedly, “Master! Today, I found a piece of land in the sea to the east, and I think there’s a lot of resources there!”


Wei Feng was a little surprised. Did his beast wander off to play in the eastern sea?

“Master, hear me out…”

With the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s explanation, Wei Feng understood what the dragon meant.

Turns out, the eastern sea’s flow was abnormal – with a short investigation, the Scarlet Flood Dragon found that there was land rising above the sea.

In addition to the rich resources, there are also large palaces on that land!

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