In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 112


Chapter 112: White Tigress

The next morning.

Wei Feng went to the eastern sea to look for the land that appeared.

Indeed, as the Scarlet Flood Dragon said, there were a lot of important resources on the land, but at the same time, danger looms at every corner.

Some oceanic creatures guard the land – Wei Feng used Abyss Peek to probe their information, and the result surprised him.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: Dragon Shrimp (Ancient Beasts)

Level: Level 7 Ascended

Attribute: Water

Strength: 2340 Ascended Power

Agility: 2050 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 2210 Ascended Power

Dragon’s Blood: The Dragon Shrimp has the bloodline of a dragon, and all attributes gained grant additional bonus attribute growth.

Core Abilities: [Giant Strength] – Dragon Shrimp gains additional growth in strength.

[Water – Wave Blast] – Unleash a blast of water, dealing damage equal to 1.5 times the strength value.

[Sturdy Carapace] – The protective shell resists damage equal to twice its own strength.

This Dragon Shrimp is way too strong!

Wei Feng’s eyes lit up – seems like he found a great place to train.

Of course, he could only thank the Scarlet Flood Dragon.

He returned to Red Maple, and brought the Divine Beast team with him to the eastern sea again.

Within half an hour, they arrived.

They landed in a corner near the west, collecting resources and honing their abilities at the same time.

They used the Night Demon’s [Wind’s Horn] to store the resources, as it had massive amounts of space within it.

Wei Feng used [Infinite Resurrection] in the area as well.

He used it to ensure his beasts would not die, so he was rest assured that they could practice in peace.

Not to mention, the beasts here were a challenge for his beasts to face.

The Dragon Shrimp, the Dragon Crabs, and Dragon Turtles posed a great challenge to them.

At the end of the day, Wei Feng took his beasts further two kilometres to the east.

It was to let them gain fighting experience.

Besides, the rewards are huge.

All kinds of metals and precious gems could be harvested from the land, and some mysterious plants contained huge potential and energy within them, so Wei Feng brought them back with him.

Evening soon came.

Wei Feng went to the Novice Village to complete his daily task.

To Wei Feng’s surprise, there was a human who had already reached Level 10!

This was terrifying!

He has never seen such terrifying growth rate.

Although some of the humans have already reached Level 10, most of them were still Level 6 and 7.

Wei Feng used his [Summon: Wolf King] ability to summon more wolves in order to complete his daily task.

He returned to Red Maple, and night had already fell.

Lilith was still awake – she waited for Wei Feng to come back every day before sleeping.

Today, there was another person waiting for Wei Feng.

Ling Xiaoxiao.

Tonight, it was destined to be a sleepless night.

Morning came.

His daily tasks were refreshed.

First off, he took his divine beasts to train in the eastern sea; in the evening, he went back to complete his daily tasks, and just like that, a day is over.

Some of the humans in the Novice Village have already become Ascended, and left the village to explore the world.

The exact whereabouts of these humans are unknown, but it wasn’t good news for Wei Feng.

The next day, he let the Night Demon lead his divine beasts into the eastern sea to train, while Wei Feng went to the Eternal Restricted Area.

This was his first time venturing to the Eternal Restricted Area.

Wei Feng wanted to find out what the #1 ranking Restricted Area was like.


After walking through heavy fog, Wei Feng entered the Eternal Restricted Area.

In his mind, he thought the Eternal Restricted Area was grand and majestic; palaces would scattered everywhere, and there would be a bustling city.

On the contrary, it was dilapidated and run down.

It was as if the Eternal Restricted Area had experienced the fallout of a great war.


An old monkey appeared and bowed to greet Wei Feng.

“And you are?”

Looking at the old monkey, Wei Feng was surprised.

It was similar to the old monkey back in the Yangtze Restricted Area shrouded in fog – if it weren’t for the difference in their fur, Wei Feng would have thought it was the same one.

“I’m Li. Master of Red Maple, you must have met my younger brother – that useless thing… he currently resides in the Restricted Area of the Fog,” the old monkey muttered mindlessly.

“Oh, I see!”

Wei Feng nodded, and cupped the monkey’s hands, “I’ve met him, in fact, he saved my life!”

“Haha! I didn’t expect both of you to have that kind of relationship – come with me, my master was awaiting your arrival,” the old monkey bowed.

Wei Feng trailed behind the old monkey, peering at the dilapidated Restricted Area.

When they reached the centre of the Restricted Area, a magnificent palace materialised in front of them.

The whole palace was built of bluestone with a medieval touch – the gate was open, revealing a grand interior.

“After you.”

The old monkey gestured.

Wei Feng slowly walked into the hall, examining the intricately carved beams and masterfully painted walls – in the throne room, a figure lay on the side.

It’s a woman!

Wei Feng stepped into the throne room carefully, and walked towards the throne.

As he got closer, Wei Feng could see her appearance clearly.

This woman wasn’t human.

She had some animal characteristics.

Between the blue silk covering her head, two furry, snow-white ears could be seen.

Like a tiger’s ears.

The two eyes were of a dark golden colour – strange light illuminated within the irises.

The bright red robe revealed a slit, showing her calves, white as jade.

Her waist could be clearly seen through the well-fitted robe, and her breasts were slightly revealed.

Her body was beautiful.

Wei Feng couldn’t help but stare using Abyss Peek.

[Exploration Panel]

Target: White Tigress (Ancient Divine Beast)

Rank: God-Tier (Seven Stars)**

**[t/n]: this is when a beast/living thing exceeds the Ascended level limit and become God-tier, and each God-tier is separated into stars instead of level]

Attribute: Gold

HP and Magic Strength: 166000 Ascended Power**

**[t/n: not sure why it got changed to HP and Magic Strength instead of Strength; could be because of [Data Heart] digitalising the world into a “game” so]

Agility: 172400 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 165000 Ascended Power

Bloodline: The Ancient Divine Beast bloodline gains additional attribute bonuses with every level up.

Exclusive Abilities: [Power – Attack] – The White Tigress randomly deals 1 to 10 times the damage each time she attacks.

Core Abilities: [Ultimate Attack] – The White Tigress imbues herself with metallic energy, instantly launching a hundred attacks. Each attack deals increasing damage.

[Intricate Dagger of Gold] – Conjures a gold dagger.

[Forest of Golden Spears] – Conjures a thousand of spears to pierce the target and hinder their movement.

[Metallization] – Imbues herself with gold, completely shielding her body.

[Spirit of Gold] – Increases all attributes by 100%.

[Field of Gold] – Form a field, extinguishing all forms of non-metallic energy.

[End Times – Shape of Water] has not been activated.

Hidden Abilities: [Ancient Beast – White Tiger] has not been activated.

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