In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 113


Chapter 113: God-Tier

Wei Feng: !

This woman turned out to be a white tigress, one of the four ancient divine beasts!

And she’s God-tier!

Her attributes completely crush over him.

“Human, don’t you know it is impolite to probe my information upon the first meeting?” the lazy tigress sounded.

The tigress slowly got up, revealing her incredible body shape.

“I am simply using the information as preliminary research, perhaps it could be beneficial to my next negotiation,” Wei Feng explained with a smile.

“A negotiation?”

The tigress got up from her throne – her white, slender feet stepped forward and walked towards Wei Feng.

Her aura of laziness quickly switched to a charming aura, full of temptation and seduction.

This was challenging for Wei Feng.

“I know what you want, human. There is no need to negotiate – from the moment you stepped into my palace, you have already become my master,” the tigress whispered and bowed, not caring that her breasts were now exposed in front of Wei Feng.

Wei Feng: !

Wei Feng felt a little dry in his throat.

Her posture was too seductive… besides, she wants to surrender herself to him!

But why?

Wei Feng knew that this was the first time they even met, but she immediately decided to give herself to him.

This was a bit confusing.


Wei Feng simply asked.

The tigress raised her head and smiled. “Master, I am Bai Xue. Do you like my current form, or would you prefer my original form?”

“That’s enough! This form is fine!” Wei Feng said subconsciously.

“If that’s the case, make me your beast,” Bai Xue whispered.

Wei Feng was really confused!

She really wants to become his beast!

Wei Feng hesitated for a bit, but drew the symbols anyways.

Since she insisted, he’ll welcome her with open arms.


The symbol landed on Bai Xue’s head, and the summoning mark was embedded into her forehead.


[NOTICE: You have obtained the God-tier Royal Beast [White Tigress]!]

[NOTICE: Power of Control has been activated.]

[NOTICE: You have obtained the core ability [Power – Attack], derived from the White Tigress.]


A huge surge of power erupted within Wei Feng’s body.

After making Bai Xue his beast, the Power of Control shared some of her power with him.

A 60% increase in all attributes made Wei Feng’s attributes skyrocket, exceeding 100,000 Ascended Power.


[NOTICE: All of your attributes have exceeded 100,000 Ascended Power, and you have become God-tier.]

[NOTICE: You have unlocked the domain exclusive to God-tiers only – [Holy Wall].]

With Bai Xue’s attributes, Wei Feng’s attributes exceeded 100,000 Ascended Power.

He too, has become God-tier.

“Now do you understand why I want to become your beast?” Bai Xue whispered, cupping Wei Feng’s hands in hers.

Through the information chain, Wei Feng learnt something.

They returned to Red Maple.

Bai Xue decided to follow Wei Feng back, bringing the Forbidden Item bound to the Eternal Restricted Area with her, as well as a lot of her stashed resources.

Evening fell.

The Scarlet Flood Dragon had led his siblings to the eastern sea to train earlier today, but had not returned. Wei Feng wanted to go retrieve them, but a roar of a dragon could be heard from the eastern sea.


The dragon’s roar was deafening, full of anger.

“This is the Blue Dragon’s voice!” Bai Xue said in surprise, looking in the direction of the eastern sea.

“The Blue Dragon?”

Wei Feng glanced at Bai Xue and said, “Something bad might have happened. We need to leave now.”


The two turned into a string of water, and shot out to the eastern sea at high speeds.


The Dragon’s roar continued to sound.

Wei Feng and Bai Xue soon arrived, and a blue dragon soared in the air, preparing to dive back down into the sea.

Below, the Scarlet Flood Dragon and the Beast of Light were gravely injured – they will die without a doubt.


Wei Feng quickly activated [Eternal Summoner] without hesitation, and a phantom instantly materialised in the air.

The Blue Dragon suddenly stopped mid-air, bound by a burst of energy, unable to move.

Wei Feng was dumbfounded.

This [Eternal Summoner] was way too strong!

The Divine Beast was different from last time as well.


The Blue Dragon roared, shaking to free itself from its restraints.

It could not move.

Wei Feng quickly retrieved his beasts while the dragon was still suspended in the air.


The piece of land started to tremble and moved on its own.

Wei Feng took a closer look – turns out, the land was simply a gargantuan sea turtle – this piece of land was merely its shell.

Wei Feng took the turtle, the dragon, and his beasts back to Red Maple.

With his newfound resources, Red Maple is officially invincible.

The days passed by mundanely, and Wei Feng did his daily tasks mindlessly. He trained his demons and his beasts daily, and all of them grew extremely fast.

With the help of Bai Xue and the Blue Dragon, Wei Feng managed to fully control his own power.

[Properties Panel]

The Strongest Beast Master System (Final Version)

Host: Wei Feng

Age: 17

Rank: God-tier

Health: 36,850,000

Magic Strength: 231,700 Ascended Power**

**[t/n: not sure why this changed to magic strength either]

Agility: 241,000 Ascended Power

Spirit Power: 277,090 Ascended Power

Energy of the Flesh: 19%

Power of Control – God-tier: Obtain 60% Ascended Power from your beast.

Cultivation: [Secret of Thunder and Moonlight] – Increase all attributes by 10 Ascended Power every 3 days.

Holy Wall: Exclusive domain for God-tiers only; you can set your own rules in this domain.

Shared Items: [Dark Codex]

Forbidden Items: Ascended-Tier [Silence of the Night] – Completely shroud yourself in darkness to avoid any detection.

SSS-Tier [Ruined Symbols] has been activated.

SS-Tier [Wind’s Watch] has been activated.

SS-Tier [Abyss Peek] has been activated. (0/3 charges)

SS-Tier [Spirit World] has been activated.

S-Tier [Hammer of Tempering] has been activated.

Core Abilities: [Hardened Skin] – Derived from Ice Giant, resist attacks no more than 50,000 points in strength.

[Source of Strength] – Derived from Dragon Ape, increases strength by 10%.

[Source of Agility] – Derived from Dark Dragon’s Shadow, increases agility by 10%.

[Summon: Wolf King] – Derived from the Wolf King, you can summon x10 Level 1 Ascended Wolves, x100 Level 10 Wolf Kings, x500 Level 9 Silver Moon Sacrifices, x1000 Level 8 Blood Wolf Warriors.

[Transformation] – Derived from the Wolf King, transform into anything in which you can detect the attributes of.

[Source of Electricity] – Derived from Thunder Bird, absorb the surrounding electricity to strengthen the Hammer of Tempering.

[Devil’s Call] – Derived from Dark Dragon’s Shadow, summon demonic creatures from the abyss to fight for you. (Can be summoned once every twenty-four hours, minimum number of summons is 10.)

[Hunt] – Derived from the Snow Wolf, sense a target’s weakness and primal fears to deliver a fatal blow.

[Float] – Derived from the Scarlet Flood Dragon, swim in the air as if it’s the ocean.

[Purify] – Derived from Ling Wu, purify all negative effects.

[Holy Transformation] – Derived from the Beast of Light, breathe out a powerful breath of holy light, and those affected can transform into anything.

[Critical Attack] – Derived from the Blood Tiger, each attack explodes with double damage.

[Hide] – Derived from the Night Demon, render yourself invisible.

[Power – Attack] – Derived from the White Tigress, each attack randomly deals 1 to 10 times the damage.

[Magic Immunity] – Derived from the Blue Dragon, become immune to magic.

[Dragon’s Power] – Increases all attributes by 10%.

[Power of the Dragon Ape] – Increases strength by 10%.

Royal Beasts: Level 3 Spirit Hog

Level 1 Ascended Ice Giant

Level 3 Ascended Thunder Bird

Level 5 Ascended Dragon Ape

Level 5 Ascended Dark Dragon’s Shadow

Level 5 Ascended Silver Moon Wolf King

Level 7 Ascended Xing Xie

Level 5 Ascended Snow Wolf

Level 5 Ascended Red Fox

Level 5 Ascended Ling Wu

Level 7 Ascended Blood Tiger

Level 7 Ascended Beast of Light

Level 7 Ascended Scarlet Flood Dragon

Level 9 Ascended Black Tortoise

Level 9 Ascended Phoenix

Level 9 Ascended Night Demon

God-tier (Seven Stars) White Tigress

God-tier (Seven Stars) Blue Dragon

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