In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 114


Chapter 114: 10 Years Later

In the blink of an eye, ten years have passed.

Today’s world was divided into four major forces.

Red Maple Restricted Area; the Adventists’ Alliance; the Abyss; the Federation.

In the past ten years, Wei Feng has shocked the whole world with Red Maple.

And now, Wei Feng’s strength is truly approaching that of a true God.

He has reached the peak of being God-tier, and was a step away from truly becoming a God.

But this single step was simply too far, and it has trapped him for a total of five years.

In the first five years, he had already peached the peak of being God-tier, and his full attributes were already stagnant at 999,999 Ascended Power.

But no matter what he did, it was useless.

His attributes couldn’t increase further.

Wei Feng didn’t know what the problem was.

But what’s certain is that he was definitely at the top of the world now.

Except for [Eternal Summoner], there weren’t any beasts that were true gods at all.

“Master, is there really no way?” Lilith asked, lying beside Wei Feng.

In the past ten years, Lilith, Ling Xiaoxiao, and Bai Xue have all become Wei Feng’s wives, but none of them were able to give birth to his children.

Lilith and Bai Xue were self-explanatory – they were of a different race, but even Ling Xiaoxiao was unable to bear his children.

Wei Feng investigated the problem, and discovered that he himself was the problem.

He was infertile.

“It’s fine,” Wei Feng comforted Lilith, patting her back.

It’s been ten years of trying, anyways.

To be honest, he was already satisfied.

His plans to create a place to call home, an empire…

…it has officially come true.

Today, Red Maple accommodates more than 50 million creatures of different races.

The Night Demon rules over the Dark Elves, and they were slowly coming back from extinction.

Ying rules over the Demons, and the Demons alone could overpower the Federation if they wanted to.

In addition to the goblins and Rat Men, dwarves found their way into Red Maple too, and their craftsmanship was unparalleled.

Building, forging, crafting – they had it covered.

The Floating City hovered peacefully over Red Maple.

The sea was thriving with living things.

Wind’s Breath Mountains was lively.

The Wild Plains, filled with creatures frolicking.

All of these areas were within Red Maple’s territory.


A beep suddenly sounded, which made Wei Feng stunned for a second.

A prompt hasn’t sounded for over two years.

“500,000 Ascended Power…”

Wei Feng sighed to himself, he felt that he needed to do more work.


He summoned Bai Xue, Black Tortoise and Phoenix, and used Forbidden Energy to improve their attributes.

He focused most of it on Bai Xue, since her attributes were the closest to half a million Ascended Power.

Half an hour later…


He used a large amount of Forbidden Energy to cultivate his beasts.

It didn’t matter anyways – his Forbidden Energy was limitless.

Two hours later.


The hidden abilities of the four divine beasts were all activated.

He discovered that the [Ancient Beasts] abilities could form a portal, which could only be opened by the combined efforts of the four divine beasts.

Evening came.

On the Hanging City.

Above the Bright Central Plaza.

The four divine beasts stood in the four cardinal directions.

Wei Feng, Lilith, and the others all stood around to watch.

It is said that this portal leads to an unknown world, where the secrets of eternal life could be found,


As the four divine beasts formed the portal, four different colours of light converged together.


In an instant, dark clouds flooded the sky, and lightning crashed.

The light converged into one, gradually forming a portal.

The portal was about three metres high and one metre wide, strangely narrow.

However, the scene on the other side of the portal was magnificent.

Through the fog, Wei Feng saw a beautiful natural world, with high mountains and vast valleys.

The portal overlooked the entire world, and it was beautiful.

“The legend is true…!”

The Scarlet Flood Dragon peered in the portal and couldn’t help but exclaim in awe.

Wei Feng stepped forward to enter the portal, but encountered a slight resistance.


Wei Feng frowned.

Judging from the resistance, it wasn’t easy to enter the other world.

All attributes require at least 500,000 Ascended Power to break through the resistance.

In addition, he could tell something was amiss.

This was a one-way portal.

Once you step in, there is no returning.

He stood in front of the portal, debating whether or not to enter, then motioned for the four divine beasts to close the portal.


The portal dissipated into thin air, and the four divine beasts gasped for breath.

Bai Xue was panting for breath, and forced out, “Master, the cooldown for this portal is incredibly long…”


Wei Feng was a little surprised at her statement, and checked the cooldown.

The portal’s cooldown was as long as a year!

Looks like it’ll take a full year to reopen that portal.

This was unexpected.

However, he wasn’t in a hurry to leave anyways.

This just gives him more time to prepare.

He really intends to enter that new world, but he understands that it was impossible for the entirety of Red Maple to move there. Even some of his royal beasts are unable to follow him there.

Wei Feng nodded, and began preparations.

In the blink of an eye, a year has passed.

The portal’s cooldown has ended and it can be used at any time.

And they have decided the team that follows Wei Feng to the other world:

Lilith, the Divine Beast team, Xing Xie, the Wolf King, Ying, and Dragon Ape.


The portal soon lit up again on the platform of the Hanging City, and a crowd had gathered to see Wei Feng leave.

They understood that once Wei Feng leaves, the world will change.

Ling Xiaoxiao stood in the crowd, solemn. Wei Feng had appointed her as the new leader of Red Maple, and entrusted her to lead Red Maple in his absence.

Thunder Bird, Snow Wolf, Ling Wu, etc. decided to not leave either.

In the past ten years, many things have changed, even as an Ascended Beast.

Wei Feng felt solemn too, but he had already made his decision. He used Forbidden Energy to voluntarily cancel his beast’s contracts, allowing them to live in peace within Red Maple.

“Master, hurry up! We can’t hold this portal for long!” Bai Xue urged.

After Wei Feng and Lilith steps in the portal, Wei Feng would unsummon the Divine Beasts back into the royal beast space, so that they could leave with Wei Feng.

“Wait a moment!”

A loud shout could be heard within the crowd.

A figure approached the platform, panting.

“I’ll leave with you, too!”

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