In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 115


Chapter 115: The Divine Realm

It was Zhang Xiyao.

And her presence shocked Wei Feng.

She was [The Hidden] identity.

“Let me leave with you, please!” Zhang Xiyao pleaded, tears forming in her eyes – but Wei Feng could tell that Zhang Xiyao harboured hatred for him.


Lilith exclaimed. She was happy to see her!

Ling Xiaoxiao didn’t want to leave, but now that Zhang Xiyao was here to accompany Lilith, she felt assured.

“Lilith, you’re going too!”

Seeing Lilith, Zhang Xiyao’s eyes softened.

“Xiyao, where have you been all these years? I missed you!” Lilith exclaimed, cupping her hands in her own.

“Lilith, I missed you too, we can talk later,” Zhang Xiyao smiled.

It was clear Zhang Xiyao had been through thick and thin throughout the past ten years, her character has clearly matured.

“Time is running out, we can talk later,” Wei Feng reminded.


Wei Feng unsummoned his divine beasts, and hand-in-hand, stepped into the portal with Lilith and Zhang Xiyao.

Everyone who came to see Wei Feng off waved.

The Snow Wolf’s eyes turned red, and she cried.


The portal flickered in an out of reality, and they disappeared.

A new world awaits them.


A prompt sounded in Wei Feng’s brain, awakening him.

Strong light shone on his eyes, and Wei Feng felt extremely hot.

The moment he stepped into this new world, he felt like he was on fire.

It took some time for the strong light to finally dim, and Wei Feng could finally see.

Not far away, a stone tablet was embedded into the floor, and two words were scratched into it.

Divine Realm!

Around the stone tablet, there were shattered pillars and broken walls, each of which was about hundreds of metres long.

Wei Feng felt refreshed after the blazing heat all over his body had dissipated.

After stepping into the Divine Realm, it seems that his body has been baptized by the strong and overbearing light, and his physique was blessed by the light.

Wei Feng smiled, summoning his beasts.


In an instant, his beasts burst into flames.


“It hurts! Help!”

“Master, please help me! It burns!”

The beasts screamed in agony.

Wei Feng felt something was amiss – they were unable to withstand the new rules of this world.

Wei Feng quickly unleash a blast of water to help them suppress the flames.

However, it was simply adding fuel to the fire, and the flames burnt harder.

The three divine beasts, aside from the Phoenix, were unable to withstand the scorching heat.

“What should I do?”

Wei Feng got desperate.

He didn’t expect this to happen – he simply wasn’t powerful enough after coming to this world. There was no help nearby either.

Wei Feng tried to unsummon them to keep them safe, but it didn’t work.

He tried to use [Infinite Resurrection] to save them, but was unable to do so either.

“Master, we’ll meet in the next life!”

The Scarlet Flood Dragon’s scales withered off, and it was the first to go.

It transformed itself into a burst of light, and submerged itself into Wei Feng’s body.


Xing Xie wanted to integrate its essence into Wei Feng, but was too late, and fell to the floor, burning.


Wei Feng yelled, falling to the floor. There was nothing he could do.

The Beast of Light, Xuan Wu, Bai Xue, and the other beasts didn’t want to delay their deaths any longer, and sacrificed their divine essence and integrated themselves into Wei Feng.


The scene was quiet, and the Phoenix was the only beast left standing.

Wei Feng knelt on the ground, motionless.

This was beyond his expectation; he didn’t expect this to happen.

His beasts had died so suddenly – they were unable to withstand the scorching baptism of this world.

“Wei Feng, we need to leave!”

Zhang Xiyao crawled next to him in a weak voice.

“Oh my god.”

Wei Feng turned to look at her – her clothes had been singed off her skin, revealing large areas of pristine skin.

Zhang Xiyao’s gaze was affixed into the distance.

Wei Feng followed her gaze, and widened his eyes.

A group of tall knights, donning metal armor and riding war horses, galloped towards them at high speed.

A murderous aura emanated off them, and unknown symbols erupted all over their bodies – in the sky, a flaming nine-headed lion was conjured, and rushed towards them.


Wei Feng’s face fell.

He reached out to the air, holding Zhang Xiyao.

But his face fell once again.

He lost the ability to fly.

The new rules he had to abide to was too strong, and he was unable to fly.

Wei Feng carried Zhang Xiyao in his arms, and turned around to run.


However, those knights were quickly closing in, and Wei Feng could feel their murderous intent creeping up his back.

Zhang Xiyao’s face turned pale, and whispered, “Put me down.”

Wei Feng gritted his teeth and ran desperately, and gave no answer.

He lost too much the moment he came to this world.

He couldn’t let her go too.

Zhang Xiyao struggled in his arms, and pushed herself off Wei Feng.

“Go! Leave me! You need to survive!” Zhang Xiyao’s face was pale with fear, but she was determined in her decision.


The knights were approaching fast.


Moreover, the flaming lion pounced towards him with its claws.


Wei Feng roared, but a red light suddenly shot up into the sky.

The Phoenix enlarged his body and lunged at the lion.


However, as soon as they met, the Phoenix shattered into thousands of pieces.

Wei Feng’s eyes were red with anger.

He is going to lose everything.

He glanced at Zhang Xiyao longingly, and turned around and ran.

If he ran now, he could escape.

The knights stopped by Zhang Xiyao, and didn’t pursue further.

Three days later.

Wei Feng was unconscious next to a cliff.

His vital signs were weak; he was severely dehydrated under the scorching sun, and his divine status was flowing out of his body continuously.

He’s going to die sooner or later!

A soft, black light flowed out of Wei Feng’s body; a slender hand conjured, and with a simple spell and a single touch, Wei Feng’s body disappeared.

“Master, you have to live!”

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