In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 116


Chapter 116: A New System

The City of Floating Clouds.

One of the four main cities of the Cang Xuan Empire.

On the main street of the city was a beggar, curled up in a fetal position.

He looked even worse than a beggar.

His clothes were tattered, his face unkempt.

The pedestrians looked at him in disgust, and left him to rot on the street.

The person in question? Wei Feng.

Lilith had exhausted all of her power to send him here, but the journey almost destroyed Wei Feng.

All of his Forbidden Items were shattered from the journey, and power drained out of his body like water, severely weakening him.


A sound of gongs echoed in the street.

Several people wearing royal garments walked through the street, announcing, “The Royal Beast Pavilion is recruiting disciples! After three days, a trial will be held! Everyone is welcome to sign up!”

“The Royal Beast Pavilion is recruiting disciples! After three days, a trial will be held! Everyone is welcome to sign up!”

The announcement echoed, ringing in Wei Feng’s ear.

A gleam of hope sparkled in Wei Feng’s eyes.

Because at this moment, the long-lost prompt sound sounded in his head.


[NOTICE: The Beast-Monster Synthesis System has been activated.]

[NOTICE: The system has been bound to you.]

[NOTICE: The system’s shop has been opened.]

[NOTICE: The task panel has been opened.]

The prompts are back!

And it’s a brand-new system!

Wei Feng’s eyes widened, hope glimmering in his eyes.

Ever since he came to this world, he lost everything.

Only the imprint of his divine beasts’ essence was left on him; Lilith had sacrificed everything to keep him safe; Zhang Xiyao was detained, and her whereabouts are unknown.

Nothing was left.

Regret and pain tormented him.

The strength in his body flowed out like water, aggravating his injuries. He thought of ending his life earlier, but the prompt saved his life.

Wei Feng could tell this system was much more powerful that the old one.

He looked at the attribute panel to see if he could treat his injury.

[Character Panel]

Name: Wei Feng

Beasts: None

Exchange Value: 0

Fusion Points: 0

Looking at the panel, Wei Feng was a little stunned.

It’s too simple!

Wei Feng doubted this world.

Wei Feng panicked a little, and looked at the other panels.

The system’s shop panel.

The top row was a sequence of various items.

He checked every item.

[Fighting Beasts]

Royal Beast Egg (Quality: White) – Exchange Value: 1 Point

Royal Beast Egg (Quality: Blue) – Exchange Value: 5 Points.

Royal Beast Egg (Quality: Green) – Exchange Value: 10 Points

Royal Beast Egg (Quality: Purple) – Exchange Value: 20 Points

Royal Beast Egg (Quality: Red) – Exchange Value: 30 Points


Ordinary Recovery Potion – Exchange Value: 1 Point

Advanced Recovery Potion – Exchange Value: 10 Points

Ordinary Resurging Elixir – Exchange Value: 5 Points

Advanced Resurging Elixir – Exchange Value: 20 Points

Quality Improving Potion (Blue) – Exchange Value: 4 Points

Quality Improving Potion (Green) – Exchange Value: 8 Points

Levelling Elixir (Purple) – Exchange Value: 15 Points


Seems like everything here is based of exchange value.

And his own value was zero.

He couldn’t buy anything.

This made Wei Feng desperate, and opened the task panel.

[Task Panel]

Task 1: [Recover] – Recover yourself by any means.

Rewards: +5 Exchange Value, +1 Fusion Points

Task 2: [Your First Beast] – Obtain your first beast.

Rewards: +10 Exchange Value, +1 Fusion Points

Task 3: [First Fusion] – Fuse your beast once.

Rewards: +10 Exchange Value, +1 Fusion Points

Sure enough, he could obtain some information from this panel.

Now, his immediate priority was to recover himself so he could kickstart his life in this world.

Wei Feng tried to stand up, steadying himself, and walked towards the inner city.

He remembered there was a hospital at the end of the street that treated three patients for free per day.

He never went for treatment since he was mourning and filled with regret, but now, he has hope.

He walked for an hour before reaching.

He survived the journey.

“Please, help me!”

Wei Feng stood at the door of the inn and begged.

A guy came out, and when he saw Wei Feng, his gaze was filled with disgust, “Go away! Today’s free treatments are over, come back tomorrow!”


Wei Feng refused, and held the door open with his arm, “I may die tomorrow, please, help me.”

Wei Feng didn’t want to beg, but he was forced to do so.


The guy snorted, “Us treating three patients for free per day is a divine blessing – don’t push your luck.”

Wei Feng didn’t respond, and stepped forward into the inn.

The guy immediately stepped forward and threatened, “I warn you, stay away, or I’ll be the one who will kill you.”

“Xiao Wu!”

A crisp voice sounded within the inn.

The voice was sweet, and he could hear the voice shouting, “Bring him in! It is our duty as doctors to protect and treat the wounded! How could you leave someone dying at our doorstep?”

The guy named Xiao Wu was reluctant, but let Wei Feng in.

He led Wei Feng into the medical hall.

He led Wei Feng to the backyard of the inn – there were many flowers and plants, and chairs made of bamboo were placed in the courtyard.

Xiao Wu helped Wei Feng in a chair, and immediately turned and left.

A beautiful woman with a long, blue dress walked towards Wei Feng.

She checked Wei Feng’s injury, then fed Wei Feng an elixir, then went back into the inn.

After a while, the woman returned, holding a wooden box in her arms.

The woman opened the wooden box, and a strong medicinal fragrance filled the entire courtyard.

Wei Feng widened his eyes.

The moment he inhaled the medicinal fragrance, a surge of heat brewed in his body, and he could feel himself heal from his injuries.

He understood what it was immediately.

Within that wooden box must be an extremely precious medicinal herb.

Wei Feng didn’t expect her to take the herb out and cut it.

She placed the cut herbs into a pot, and added other herbs to boil in a stone stove.

Wei Feng felt his body relax.

She healed him and nursed him.

“Thank you.”

Wei Feng said gratefully.

The woman glanced at Wei Feng unexpectedly, but smiled at his gesture.

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