In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 117


Chapter 117: Reborn

Wei Feng laid on the bamboo chair, taking in the medicine to heal his injuries.

A heat flowed in his body, stimulating his body to heal.

Wei Feng could see four glowing marks on his body, and smiled softly. His four divine beasts were still aiding him in death.

Wei Feng was deeply moved.

He must hold them dearly to his heart, he thought.

Wei Feng made himself comfortable on the bamboo chair, waiting for the medicine to boil.

The woman boiled the medicine and filtered it – she then placed the medicine into a cup full of ice cubes to cool, and brought it to Wei Feng.

“Drink this.”

The woman ordered.

Wei Feng took the cup, and drank the medicine.

It was bitter, but somehow pleasantly sweet.

It was weird.

He didn’t like the mix of flavours.


While Wei Feng ingested the medicine, a surging force suddenly erupted within him.

The medicine surged wildly within him, and attacked his internal organs.

Wei Feng was taken aback, and dropped the cup on the floor – he closed his eyes to concentrate, and used what remains of his divine power in his body to guide the medicine through his body.


The cup shattered on the floor.

The woman turned around and glanced at Wei Feng in surprise.


Suddenly, the space around Wei Feng’s body shuddered violently – it looked as if his body was absorbing strands of light and the essence of the earth into his body.

The scene made the woman’s eyes widen.

Spiritual energy invaded his body – for his body and appearance to be moulded by this energy… this is a feat that can only be done by a true God.

That pathetic beggar on the street still had power within him rivalling a God!


Wei Feng start to float off the chair.

Wisps of crimson flames emerged from his body, igniting the spiritual energy that had been poured into his body.

The flames lingered around Wei Feng’s body, burning off what remained of his tattered clothes – his body burnt to ash, his skin cracking.

The woman was startled – she quickly took a pail of water to save him, but stopped.

She could see skin under the ash, and came to a realisation.

“This is… a phoenix’s rebirth!” she exclaimed.

Wei Feng was fully enveloped in soothing flames.

Wei Feng’s mind felt peaceful, as if he was being comforted gently by the flames.

He felt like an egg about to hatch.

And he felt strong.

The woman stayed by his side, unmoving.

She wanted to witness a living miracle.

She didn’t disclose to Wei Feng that even if he recovered, he might not be able to become a beast master due to his injuries.

But now, she could see him being reborn from ash, and continued looking in awe.

A full hour passed, and Wei Feng heard a prompt in his brain.


[NOTICE: You have completed Task #1 [Recover].]

Rewards: +5 Exchange Value, +1 Fusion Points.

The flames dissipiated, and Wei Feng was reborn. His body was ripe with muscle, moulded by fire, and exuded a white luster.

He looked like a god.

Wei Feng opened his eyes.

He stretched his arms, full of strength.

The woman quickly retreated into the inn and brought out a robe, blushing, “Please cover yourself, quickly!”

Wei Feng hurriedly took the robe to cover his nakedness.

Wei Feng bowed to the woman and said, “Thank you for your grace upon me. I am Wei Feng, and I will definitely remember the kindness you showed me today. I will repay you in the future.”

The woman shook her head and blubbered, “No! It is my duty to save you – I didn’t do anything! It is your own body that rebirthed itself like a phoenix.”

Wei Feng smiled and laughed.

The woman was truly admirable.

“What is your name?” Wei Feng asked.

The woman smiled, “I am Lin Le Er, but everyone calls me Le Er – you seem young, but you are articulate in your words.”

“I see. It’s a good name.”

Wei Feng nodded, “Le Er, my saviour – I have important things to attend to, I will return to repay your kind deed.”

Le Er was a little helpless, and waved her arms around.

“Leave. It is my duty to save you, I ask of nothing in return.”

Wei Feng smiled, and thanked Le Er again and left the inn.

It was almost evening.

Wei Feng found somewhere to stay the night.

He looked into his attribute panel.

Name: Wei Feng

Beasts: None

Exchange Value: 5

Fusion Points: 1

He successfully obtained exchange value and fusion points.

He opened the equipment panel.


Iron Equipment (Quality: White) – Exchange Value: 1 Point.

Enchanted Equipment (Quality: Blue) – Exchange Value: 5 Points.

Mage Set (Quality: Green) – Exchange Value: 15 Points

Legendary Equipment (Quality: Purple) – Exchange Value: 30 Points

Epic Equipment (Quality: Yellow) – Exchange Value: 50 Points

Mythic Equipment (Quality: Red) – Exchange Value: 100 Points

In the equipment category, he discovered that these armaments can be used by beasts and humans alike.

Armour, swords, weapons, magic, all were available.

Wei Feng bought the enchanted equipment, and spent all 5 of his Exchange Points.

Wei Feng was calculative.

He wanted to take the trial at the Royal Beast Pavilion, so he has to prepare equipment.

This enchanted equipment will look decent enough.



Grey light condensed in front of him, forming a set of clothes in front of him.

Wei Feng hurriedly caught it.

The material of the enchanted clothes appeared to be silk – extra soft to the touch, with patterns and enchanting textures imprinted on it.

It looked great.

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