In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! Chapter 118


Chapter 118: The Royal Beast Pavilion

Wei Feng put on the set of clothes, and put on the jade pendants, waistbands and enchanted hair crown that came with the clothes.

His entire appearance changed.

He looked handsome.

Earlier today, he looked like a beggar; now, he looked like he came from a royal family.

Wei Feng was satisfied.

With this outfit, it will be easier to do things.

He walked through the street, and found a pawn shop. 

It was by the east of the city.

Wei Feng walked in the pawn shop and removed the jade pendant.

It was almost closing time, and the shop owner was counting bills in front of the counter.

The shop owner looked at Wei Feng and immediately got up to greet him.

“Young man, how can I help you?” the boss greeted politely, and led Wei Feng to a table to sit. He then poured Wei Feng a cup of tea.

From his perspective, he thought Wei Feng came from either royalty or was simply rich.

Not everyone can afford clothes imbued with magic in them.

Wei Feng sat down, then placed the jade pendant on the table, “This is my jade pendant – I need to exchange some money, please.”

“Right away, sir.”

The shop owner scurried to the back without looking at the jade pendant, and came back with some spirit stones. He placed it on the table and said, “It is my honor to help you – my son, take the jade back. I do not need it. You can repay me at a later date.”

Wei Feng wasn’t surprised.

His jade pendant was merely worth a few spirit stones – but the shop owner was willing to take a gamble.

If Wei Feng really did come from a rich and powerful family, then he could earn everything back, and gain Wei Feng’s customer loyalty.

“Then, allow me to thank you. I’m… Qin Mingdi, and I’ll definitely repay your generosity,” Wei Feng said, making up a name on the spot.

Wei Feng grabbed the ten spirit stones and thanked the shop owner before leaving.

With the stones, he could find an inn and eat and drink for a day.

This wasn’t enough to last him for a while, though.

He walked around the city, and found that there was at least ten pawnshops in the city.

He used the same method to “sell” his jade pendants, and the results were the same. He managed to save his jade pendant, and obtained 113 spirit stones.

It’ll be enough to last him for a while.

He found an inn to stay, and asked the attendant to bring him some food.

He needed a good meal and a good night’s rest after everything that had happened.

He wanted to feel normal again.

He can’t let Lilith’s sacrifice be in vain, so he must live well for her.

He ate and drank, and slept until dawn.

When he woke up, he felt refreshed.

The lethargy in his body was swept away, and energy surged in his body.

He washed up and had breakfast, and left the inn to find a library.

He wants to learn about this world, and the library would be the easiest way.

After spending a day at the library, Wei Feng learnt a lot.

This world still had beasts in them, but it was different from his previous world.

Beast Masters here do not summon beasts by opening star arrays, but capture or purchase eggs of the beasts themselves to obtain beasts.

With the beasts’ consent, as well.

In addition, the beasts here are stronger than those in his previous world, but there were also less God-tier beasts.

Being God-tier was standard in this world – it is a starting point.

Above God-tier, there were Greater Gods, Original Gods, True Gods…

Evening came, and Wei Feng returned to the inn. He handed in another ten spirit stones, and stayed for another day,

Morning came.

Wei Feng got up early.

Because the Royal Beast Pavilion is recruiting new disciples.

Yesterday, he did some in-depth research on the Royal Beast Pavilion, which can be considered as the top three powers in the City of Floating Clouds.

Moreover, there are abundant resources within the Royal Beast Pavilion, and there are many kinds of royal beasts with great potential. Many people compete to enter.

However, the trials set by the pavilion was difficult.

When Wei Feng arrived, there was already a long queue outside.

Even if he got up early, there was already such a long queue.

Wei Feng had no choice but to stand in line, listening to the conversations around him.

Soon, the trials began.

Wei Feng looked at the queue, and there really was too many people.

Wei Feng shook his head – he estimated that 90% will be rejected.

There were three tests in the pavilion.

The first was a test of strength – only God-tier Beast Masters can pass.

The second was a test of affinity for beasts.

Lu Chen** understands that this test is simply whether or not there can be trust and understanding between the beast master and the beast.

The third test was to form a contract for a beast.

Many people failed to establish a contract with a beast.

In addition to the beast master’s personal charm, the beast master must be powerful and have great potential to grow.

The third test is simply gauging the power of the beast master.

Soon, Wei Feng was tested.

He passed the first test easily.

He passed the second test easily.

For the third test, he was sent to the mountains behind the Royal Beast Pavilion.

There were many different beasts here – wolves, tigers, lions, birds, etc.

Almost all of them were strong, too.

Wei Feng launched a contract a little wolf cub.

It was an instant success.


[NOTICE: You have obtained a Blue-Quality Royal Beast [Grey Wolf].]

[NOTICE: You have completed Task #2 [Your First Beast].]

Rewards: +10 Exchange Value, +1 Fusion Point.

With another mission completed, Lu Chen discovered another panel in his brain, which was the wolf’s attribute panel. He smiled, and peered into the wolf’s attribute panel.

TN: I wasn’t actually sure why Wei Feng’s name switched to Lu Chen – I went to check on the author’s other works and sure enough, their next web-novel had a character named Lu Chen who was also forcibly ejected into a different world (lol), so I’m guessing that Wei Feng had replaced the Lu Chen in this world, similar to how he replaced the original Wei Feng’s body from Chapter 1 to end the story in a full-circle way.

In This World of Beasts, I Am the Biggest BOSS!


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